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Gipsy Dharma boots have now been shipped to over 50 different countries!

For those of you with a unique personality searching for something fabulous and fun to reflect your love for life then Gipsy Dharma is definitely the choice for you. It is simply a footwear paradise for anyone wanting something magical, bespoke, trendy or bohemian! Now you can get the stunning boho look with a pair of leather knee high boots from the huge range offered by Gipsy Dharma. These boots are becoming so popular that they have now been shipped to over 50 different countries, with women all over the world expressing their love for these beautiful hand crafted ladies boots. Not only have they been to every corner of the earth but many women have sent in their pictures showing how these gorgeous boots have inspired them to do the most amazing things! From dancing the night away at festivals in South Africa, to trekking in the USA and partying in Europe, it just goes to show how practical yet stylish these boots are.

And with so many colours to choose from, it’s no wonder that women are choosing to buy more from Gipsy Dharma, with their huge selection of leather clothing such as leather skirts, jackets and evening dresses to name just a few. Feel like a pixie princess or go travelling in style with a beautiful choice of clothing and footwear from Gipsy Dharma. All of their boots are hand crafted too, so you can be sure that no-one will have the same pair of boots. Forget the high street as you’ll never look back after seeing what is on offer with Gipsy Dharma clothing. And with new products added regularly, you’ll have lots to choose from as well as being the first to hear about new lines being added or sale items if you follow them on Facebook, so you’ll never miss out again!

So throw out the old, and invest in some fantastic stylish new boots from Gipsy Dharma and why not be inspired to visit all 50 of those countries yourself! The possibilities are endless. Slipping on a pair of Gipsy Dharma boots is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before – you’ll feel instantly refreshed and ready to take on anything. Women all over are seeing the difference a beautiful pair of leather boots can make, from inspiring you to travel the world to expanding your outlook, they really are life-changing! And as well as being an inspiration, a pair of Gipsy Dharma boots are truly comfortable allowing you to be on your feet all day without getting those aches and pains you often feel at the end of a day’s work – instead of wanting to kick off your shoes and lounge on the couch, you’ll want to change into something even more sexy and stylish and head back out to show off your boots on the dance floor! And who could blame you, Gipsy Dharma boots are the best in both style and comfort with superb quality leather used to create a boots and sole which mould to your feet and give you the feeling of freedom, walking at one with nature. So whether you are wearing them for work, rest or play you’ll be seeing the world in a whole different way, feeling motivated to challenge yourself and discover new things. Join the other 50 countries these beautiful boots have been to, and invest in a gorgeous pair of Gipsy Dharma knee high boots for yourself to add to your footwear collection and see how they can improve your confidence, inspire you to achieve more, be successful and put a smile on your face!

Written by GiPsy Dharma — September 07, 2014

How to drop everything and travel the world.

When you spend most of your time in the same old routine of work, family, chores and all other life’s responsibilities it can be hard to imagine it being any different. The thought of going off and travelling even one other country never mind the world is a wonderful thought for most women but that is all it is – merely a dream. So why do so many of you choose not to take the plunge and drop everything and completely change your life? Well in most cases the answer is simply because you are facing the unknown – there is no security or guarantees wherever you go. You may have spent years perfecting your home, working up the ladder in your job and raising your children, so the thought of leaving all that to pursue something so different is pretty surreal! But that doesn’t necessarily mean it cannot be done, not at all. There are lots of ways of being able to take time out to pursue your own happiness. Imagine all the things you can do and experience if you could just drop everything? What would you do? Visit different countries, stay with families from different cultures, experience a whole different world to the one we all know but there is so much more too. By meeting new people, and discovering new cultures you could be opening up your mind to new possibilities, completely transforming your outlook.

For most people, it is understandable that you’d be worried about money – how on earth are you going to fund it and what do you do with all your things? Well the answer is right there! Use your possessions to fund your trip. It may seem very daunting to sell everything and just go but how exciting that would be! And don’t dwell on the time and money it has taken you to build up your home, be positive! You’ve done it before so you can do it again! And next time maybe you’ll want to set up camp in Mongolia? Who knows? But the point is, if you don’t step out of your comfort zone to find out then the chances are, you will never know. It is really important to push ourselves from time to time as this is the only way we can learn about ourselves and the things around us. Yes you’ll have to sort out the logistics of your adventure but that is half the fun. If you are going alone then it is simple as you only have your own funding or travel to arrange. Rent your house out if you own it or just give notice if you currently rent. Put anything in storage that you would rather keep or ask a friend to store some things to save you money, then start your research into travel and accommodation.

Consider different forms of travel and think about volunteering with organisations where you can get free accommodation in return for some work. There is a plethora of things you can do and ways to do them! If you have family, then get them involved, and if they are young then it is possible to arrange to take them out of school providing you can provide education at home, but what an adventure that would be – learning about the world in the very places history occurred! And to inspire you even more on your journey, invest in a pair of gorgeous Gipsy Dharma boots for a truly amazing experience, and the perfect way to start a conversation and meet new people from all over the world. Gipsy Dharma boots really do inspire you to discover the world and have the experience of a lifetime in true comfort and style!

Written by GiPsy Dharma — September 07, 2014

The importance of being connected with Mother Nature.

You may think you are happy with your life, or perhaps you feel something is missing and you are looking for that missing piece to the jigsaw. And the reason for this is because we are all tied up in the huge consumerist market that life has become. We work hard, but then spend it on material possessions to make our home appear better or on the latest gadget we think will make life easier to manage. The truth is for many people, they have lost their way in life, or perhaps never even found it! No wonder we love a trip into the Lakes or the Mountains of Snowdonia! We don’t realise it but we are naturally connected with Mother Nature and feel at our most comfortable with nature and the natural environment. It is incredibly important to get away from it all occasionally, and no that doesn't mean a bottle of wine on the sofa in front of the soaps! Spending time away from the hustle and bustle of life and all the technology we have become so used to, is really good for both out physical and mental well-being. It allows you to energize and reflect on things, feel close to nature and clear your mind. This is also the point at which you can think clearer and gather your most inner thoughts and feel truly inspired to fulfill your goals.

If we forget the true meaning of our life, the very nature around us then it’s easy to become absorbed in a world of meaningless existence. By being connected with Mother Nature you can begin to feel a real meaning to your life which helps you to be more successful in other areas of your life. Gipsy Dharma’s range of boots have been designed to help people be inspired and get in touch with the natural side of life. Whether that be exploring the world or discovering new things, new people, new cultures, you can begin to shape your whole doctrine of life and become ever more positive and ultimately feel fulfilled. Just by taking time out when you can and strolling through the countryside or sitting by a lake you will be amazed at the power of Mother Nature and how your thoughts and feelings can be transformed. Getting out into nature is great for your health, as you get lots of exercise and fresh air in your lungs as well as feeling completely refreshed both inside and out. Your friends will be amazed at the new you after a few days away from the usual urban living!

And don’t forget to leave all your gadgets at home! There’s no point going on an incredible journey with Twitter in your back pocket, so make the most of the freedom and turn off all your social media. A break in nature can cure a number of things including stress and anxiety, as well as enabling you to think clearly and come back to your everyday life with a whole new lease of life. So the next time you get an opportunity to take some time off work, don’t be tempted to stay in all day at home – get out and explore, you never know what you might just discover! Or who! And what better way to go on a journey with Mother Nature than in the style and comfort of some gorgeous Gipsy Dharma knee high leather boots in a beautiful colour that reflects your wonderful personality. The right footwear or image really will help you to feel good about yourself and take a step towards changing your life for the better.

Written by GiPsy Dharma — September 07, 2014

Gipsy Dharma boots now come in every shade of every colour.

Add some sunshine to your life with a pair of gorgeous leather boots from Gipsy Dharma. Not only are they completely hand made using fine quality leather, but they have also been created in every shade of colour. So whether you are looking for a fiery red or orange or cool blue to reflect how you feel today, there’s a shade to suite you. The colours you choose to wear can really make a difference to how you feel too. So if you’re wondering why you feel so grim lately, take a look at your wardrobe and no doubt you’ve got a collection of dark and drab colours. Adding a splash of colour to your outfit can really brighten up your mood and help you feel more motivated for the day ahead – if you don’t believe me, then try it!

Neutral and earthy colours are certainly fine, and look great especially in the festive season and winter with a splash of berry red too! But try and avoid wearing neutral colours alone all the time. Blue can be calming so great if you’re feeling a bit stressed and also looks great with other colours in your outfit. Yellows can really brighten your smile and add positivity to your outlook. Reds can make you feel warmer and fiery – energising you for the task ahead and other shades such as pink or purple can bring out your feminine side and make any woman feel extra special! And you don’t have to dress like you’re off on a night out to feel great about yourself. By adding a key item to your day’s style you can transform a simply outfit into something fun or sexy and seductive whilst feeling comfortable and ready for action. A pair of Gipsy Dharma boots can do just that. Simply slipping on a pair of knee high boots can instantly improve how you feel and make you look stunning! Whatever you are wearing you can completely transform the look, but you could also add a leather skirt or other trendy accessory to enhance your style for a special occasion.

The huge range of colours available in Gipsy Dharma’s selection of leather boots is also great if you are looking for something completely unique for a special event. So you can now wear a pair of beautiful snow white boots for that special day or perhaps a winter party as the beautiful Snow Queen! You may even wish to colour coordinate your bridesmaids or choose a pair of leather boots for your honeymoon – they will certainly make the perfect choice for your adventures as well as being a great present for any woman. Women have taken these boots all over the world and use them for a huge variety of things. They’re not just great from a style point of view, they are incredibly practical and will take you on any adventure in great comfort. So whether you’re off to a festival this season or going travelling, Gipsy Dharma boots are must have footwear for anyone looking for functionality and style. You’re probably now wondering what colour to choose from. And with so many colours available it is likely to be a hard choice, but the trick is to pick a colour that really makes you smile, that makes you happy and best reflects how you feel. No matter what colour you choose, it is sure to look great with any outfit and don’t forget you can always come back and shop for a new colour for your next adventure, as there are always new colours and styles being added to the collection, so you’ll never miss out!

Written by GiPsy Dharma — September 07, 2014

The amazing things Gipsy Dharma boots can inspire you to do.

Feeling good about yourself is one of the greatest things about shopping for the right clothing or footwear. There’s nothing better than finding the perfect outfit or pair of women’s shoes, but with the high street often being full of mass produced, low quality women’s fashion, it can really take the fun out of shopping and it simply isn’t what it used to be. SO if you’re the kind of person that loves to find something inspiring and unique then Gipsy Dharma boots are the ideal thing for you! We all know that choosing a new outfit and trying it on for the first time, you feel on top of the world. For most people, they gain a whole new surge of confidence and enthusiasm as well as motivation to get up and go, but this can soon die down. But fear not! With Gipsy Dharma’s trendy range of ladies knee high leather boots your new found confidence will last as long as your gorgeous boots do! So you’ll soon be skipping down the high street, turning heads in your boots looking truly amazing.

The huge range of Gipsy Dharma boots were originally created to inspire women to try new things and experience the big wide world, and boy have they done that! Women from every corner of the earth have sent pictures and testimonials explaining how fabulous they look and feel in a pair of leather boots from Gipsy Dharma. Their boots have inspired them to do a whole host of fun things including attending festivals, sailing, trekking, visiting new and interesting countries to name just a few! The possibilities are endless! And the great thing about Gipsy Dharma boots is that they are so stylish and unique that you’ll need to be prepared to stop a lot and chat as they are a great conversation starter, which means you’ll be meeting lots more people on your travels! And don’t worry if you’re a little shy, as you certainly won’t be after a short time in these fab leather boots.

These Gipsy Dharma boots are like magic on your feet, completely transforming both your image and how you feel. You’ll be wanting to show them off wherever you go, and they look simply amazing with any outfit. Imagine all the things you can do in these gorgeous ladies knee high boots, as the gipsy feeling inspires you to go travelling all over, and even write about your adventures! Suddenly, you’ll be inspired to achieve so many things and even be successful along the way. You could do charity events, like walks, treks or even bungee-jumping! The world literally is your oyster, and the more you do, the more you’ll feel encouraged to do with a desire to discover so much more. So rather than sticking to the same banal daily routine, doing the same job, wearing the same clothes – be adventurous and share your enthusiasm with the world! Not only will you find yourself inspired to go on a little pixie adventure in your beautiful boots but you’ll also be transforming others along the way, touching everyone with your colourful personality! Gipsy Dharma boots are not just about function and practicality, they are so much more than that! They are about meeting new people, making friends and learning about other cultures and discovering the world in absolute style and comfort! And with so many colours to choose from in Gipsy Dharma’s range of boots, there is something to suite everyone – even the pickiest of women, so you can find a colour that reflects your personality, your style or perhaps the way you feel. Be sure to get a hold of your ideal colour and style before it’s too late, as they are all hand crafted from superb quality leather so when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Written by GiPsy Dharma — September 07, 2014

Where beautiful leather boots could take you on a journey

Do you find yourself dreaming of going on amazing adventures, seeing the world and experiencing lots of new things only to end up carrying on with your day to day life and feeling pretty disappointed? Well you’re not alone. Lots of people spend their time thinking about all the places they’d love to go, from going wild at festivals to sailing the seven seas – despite maybe being seasick! The trouble is, we spend so much time tied up in our lives and the mundane routine of everyday life that we simply never get chance to experience the world, and when we do have a spare moment – a day off or even a whole host of holidays booked – we are thankful for the time to ourselves and end up sat in front of the TV in our pyjamas doing, well pretty much nothing! So how can we change that? Well firstly, making changes to your image or personal style can have a huge impact on your whole sense of well-being. Yes, really! Change up those dull dark colours in your wardrobe for bright and bold items of clothing and see how much this reflects in your personality. A splash of colour can put that smile right back on your face. The next thing is to consider your footwear. With so many women looking for practicality over fashion, our daily shoes end up being something your Grandma would be embarrassed to wear! Don’t deny it. So think about a beautiful pair of leather knee high boots that are practical and comfortable yet really stylish and fashionable! Choose a colour that really stands out and reflects your brighter mood and you’ll soon feel the spring in your step!

With your new found style, you’ll soon feel a boost of confidence and motivation to get out and do more. The next thing to consider are your dreams of swimming with dolphins, climbing Mount Snowden or whatever other weird and wonderful things that take your fancy…Your ideas need to be specific – just telling yourself that one day you’ll go travelling etc. will mean you’re always chasing the dream without actually doing it. I mean, bravo for trying but unless you are more specific in taking action then it will simply never happen. Instead, give yourself realistic daily or weekly goals to achieve your dream of going on a fab journey. This could be researching travel arrangements, booking time off work or shopping for holiday clothing or footwear. As you continue with these specific goals you’ll find yourself slowly but surely, actually achieving your goal.

As well as this, your new beautiful ladies leather boots and fresh style can really inspire you and help you go on an incredible journey, wherever that may be! The feeling of being so in touch with nature, with an incredible barefoot feeling can change your outlook to help you discover so much more, and you can really get your creative juices flowing with the bohemian or fairy tale style of these gorgeous leather boots. So get up off that sofa, and look forward to the summer of a lifetime in your beautiful leather knee high boots. The possibilities are literally endless! Think about the kind of journey you hope to achieve, whether that is a cultural trip or beach holiday, festival or activity trip. Do your research but keep an open mind, as things are always bound to change, and remember change is good! Your gorgeous unique leather boots are definitely a talking point and are likely to be a conversation starter, helping you to meet new people wherever you go, and moulding your journey into something as unique as you and your beautiful boots are!

Written by GiPsy Dharma — September 07, 2014

Maximising Your Style And Getting the Best out of Your Clothing

When it comes to women’s clothing and footwear, most women find themselves with a wardrobe full of drab, dark, earthy colours and bland styles. No matter how much we read about new season’s fashion and the latest style ideas, we often feel safe sticking to darker colours which we feel are more flattering, and go with any other colours and styles. However this doesn’t have to be the case and there are many ways to maximise your style and get the best out of your clothing.

For example if you often find yourself wearing plain jeans or pants on your days off, consider trying on a skirt and showing off your legs. This may feel strange at first especially if you are not used to it, but you will soon realise how much better you look and feel as you get lovely comments and begin to turn heads on the high street. You could also experiment with different colours, as you may be surprised how much another brighter colour suites your eyes, your skin tone or your style. Adding one or two different pieces of clothing or a more adventurous pair of heels or boots can also make a huge difference to your style and transform your wardrobe.

Think about all the clothes or shoes and other footwear you have and how much you actually wear. You will probably find that you barely wear a tenth of it, as you tend to stick to the same clothes that you feel more comfortable in. This applies to most women, as it is easy to wear the same choice of clothes every day. So pull out those clothes and mix and match them in different ways and see the different styles you can create from clothing you already have! Anything you definitely don’t wear or that doesn’t fit you then take it to a charity shop or sell it online and use the money to invest in something much more adventurous.

A pair of Gipsy Dharma leather knee high boots for example can transform your existing clothing and really maximise your style, allowing you to get the best out of your existing clothing. You could also add a beautiful leather skirt and wear it with a vest or beautiful top or heels you already have. Also think about the colours you wear, and think about adding a splash of colour that is brighter and bolder and makes you stand out.

By maximising your style you will not only look better, but you are likely to feel much better, healthier, more confident and happier. Your image is often a reflection of how you feel within yourself, so avoid those comfy pants and trainers and opt for something bright and beautiful that will help you get noticed. You will soon notice how your image will affect other areas of your life such as work and socialising as you appear more confident and deal with day to day tasks more effectively. Feeling great in what you wear can also help to inspire you and make you feel more adventurous. You’ll soon find yourself wanting to do things you may not have considered before, and exploring other areas of the world. Being more adventurous with your style will also help you to feel more positive which will be reflected in everyone around you. As you alleviate any sadness or anxiety you may be experiencing then others around you will begin to feel more positive also. Shopping for clothing and footwear has long been considered retail therapy for women as it helps you to feel good. Maximise your style and be more adventurous with your clothing and you could also begin to feel good about yourself and see the benefits in so many other ways. 

Written by GiPsy Dharma — August 09, 2014

How to be More Adventurous When Choosing New Clothing and Footwear

Most women follow fashion through various things such as magazines, television and adverts. Through these different mediums we tend to get an idea of what styles to follow, how to dress, how to look and how to achieve key styles. We rarely get fashion advice as we are growing up, and despite what we see or read in the media most people end up conforming to everyone around them and choosing clothing and footwear that is both functional and comfortable. In most cases however, this ends up bland, monotone and unflattering. It is only when women are preparing for an evening out or a special occasion that they consider their choice of clothing carefully and look for something fun and bright that reflects their special day or experience. So the question is, why don’t we do that more often? It doesn’t take a lot to transform both your image and your general well-being by changing a few items of your wardrobe.

There are many ways you can be more adventurous when choosing new clothing and footwear, and there are also many reasons why this is so important in your life. Sticking to the same choice of clothing indefinitely is unlikely to inspire you or add to your confidence. Reconsidering your choice of style or colour when purchasing new clothing can however help you to feel more uplifted, empowered and confident. And this positive attitude will be reflected in many other areas of your life. If you can be adventurous when it comes to choosing new clothing and footwear, then you will begin to feel more open minded and have a completely new outlook on your life and experiences.

So instead of sticking with dark or earthy colours, think about adding a touch of sparkle with bright oranges or yellows or even pink or beautiful green. Adding just a little bit of colour to your outfit can really transform your look and make you feel on top of the world. If you are someone who loves the idea of adventure, you could also consider vintage clothing with unique and rare prints or perhaps bespoke leather footwear or clothing. Gipsy Dharma provide beautiful unique clothing for women, as well as gorgeous leather knee high boots that ooze inspiration and adventure.

Choosing something more adventurous when clothes shopping is easier than you think. By considering something like Gipsy Dharma’s beautiful knee high leather boots you can add that element of adventurous style and intrigue into your image. You can then dress this up or down depending on how you feel or where you are going. Also try bold colours instead of dull or bland blacks or browns. Although these may seem safe, you will be surprised how a pair of yellow boots for example or a gorgeous tie dye leather skirt can really improve your image and make you feel fabulous.

By starting by adding a touch of colour or alternative style every time you go shopping for clothing or footwear you will soon feel a change in how you feel when you are out and about. Eventually you will feel comfortable wearing brighter colours and more adventurous styling giving you a whole new lease of life. A more adventurous style will help you feel more confident as you hold your head up high, which will in turn see a change in your attitude and performance at work and at play. You are also likely to feel more inspired and explore the world a lot more, opening your mind to new possibilities due to your new found positivity and freedom.

Written by GiPsy Dharma — August 09, 2014

Gipsy Dharma's Free Leather Boots Giveaways

It’s always great when you come across something really special when out shopping for clothing or footwear. You may spend hours searching the rails on the high street, but when you spot that one piece or pair of shoes that makes your tummy flip with excitement, you just know that it’s the one for you! But this can often be very few and far between, and it’s rare you can find anything inspiring or fabulous in high street shops. And in most cases, the clothing for women or ladies footwear is low quality and mass produced not making you feel very good at all, especially when handing over your hard earned cash for something pretty boring.

So imagine if there was somewhere where you could find true inspiring and fabulously stylish clothing that made you look and feel fabulous, whilst inspiring you, making you feel more creative and changing your outlook completely. Well now there is, with an extensive range of women’s leather footwear and beautifully hand-made clothing from Gipsy Dharma. With so many colours, designs and styles to choose from, you will be truly spoilt for choice finding something that suites your personality and accentuates your appearance.

From knee high leather boots, to leather skirts and leather jackets there is so much to choose from and absolutely everything is hand-made ensuring that whatever you choose, it is completely unique to you. And to make things even more fantastic, Gipsy Dharma have giveaways held every single week! Giving you the opportunity to win your own pair of gorgeous Gipsy Dharma knee high leather boots. There have been lots of winners so far, with women all over the world sending in pictures of them wearing there beautiful knee high boots. Whether you’re going to a festival, a beach holiday or exploring in the local park, these leather boots for women are perfect for literally any adventure.

The entire range of women’s leather boots have been designed and created to provide extreme comfort, protecting your delicate feet whilst also giving you that barefoot feeling protecting your joints and muscles from achiness at the end of a hard day walking or dancing the night away! But unlike many other varieties of footwear available, the boots offered by Gipsy Dharma are super stylish and fashionable whilst providing ultra-comfort for your feet.

To be in with a chance of winning your very own pair of Gipsy Dharma leather knee high boots, all you need to do is like the Facebook page, and check out the page on Google+ which will give you all the information you need and keep you up to date with everything you need to know about the weekly giveaway, as well as up and coming sales, clearance items or brand new stock! You could be the first to get hold of a brand new colour or style made just for you. If you take a look at the website you will also find an up to date catalogue of all the products and services offered by Gipsy Dharma as well as finding out everything about how the right clothing and footwear can truly inspire you or completely transform your life and introduce confidence and positivity into your personality.

Everybody has a chance to be part of the giveaway, by keeping an eye on the page, so you can be in with a chance every week of owning your very own pair of Gipsy Dharma boots for women. In the meantime don’t forget to take a look at the website for more inspiration to add to your wardrobe such as leather pixie skirts, evening dresses or even a leather bolero jacket.

Written by GiPsy Dharma — August 09, 2014

Making Random Strangers Turn Heads on the Street Feels Good

It always feels great when you spend time getting ready for a night out or special occasion, then step out feeling fantastic. You probably get lots of wonderful comments and perhaps even the odd whistle and men staring at how beautiful you look! So why just stick to nights out and the odd wedding when you can look and feel fantastic every day! Making random stranger’s turn heads on the street feels good and there’s no denying it. By choosing the right clothing or style you can create that effect all the time – whether you are just going to the office or going out on a day trip. And it really doesn’t have to take hours to achieve the perfect look. Just a few key items in your wardrobe can make you feel fabulous and completely transform your look.

What you wear also has a huge impact on how you feel, consequently affecting the rest of your day and even many areas of your life. If you give off positive vibes and appear happy and confidence then you are much more likely to deal with things more effectively, not let things get you down and generally attract positive people and positive experiences. So what are you waiting for? Make that change today and you could really begin to see and feel the difference. It is well known that dressing well and looking confident and beautiful can alleviate depression and anxiousness and in turn allow you to tackle many day to day problems proactively and effectively.

Take a look at your wardrobe and think about the colours, the styles and variety of clothes and footwear you have. Most women tend to shop on the high street, following seasonal fashions and choosing clothes that are mass produced but bland and boring. So you end up with a selection of dark colours, boring styles and only the odd t-shirt or accessories to brighten up your outfit. And none of this is likely to reflect your outgoing personality deep down or inspire you in any way whatsoever. By choosing alternative clothes that are bright and bold, you can stand out from the crown, turn heads and feel absolutely fantastic! You will also find your confidence is improved and you become more assertive and inspired to be much more creative. The right clothing and footwear really can make a difference, and completely transform your feelings, your overall well-being and general health and state of mind. Your newfound achievements of positivity can then be applied to areas of your life such as work, career progression, education, family and social life as well as enhancing your aspirations to achieve more.

Bespoke clothing from Gipsy Dharma helps you to achieve that. With a huge range of colours and styles to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice but instantly feel inspired, opening your mind, your outlook and encouraging you to be more creative in every area of your life – not just your style. Specialising in leather clothing and footwear, Gipsy Dharma’s products are an alternative style whilst looking great paired with an everyday t-shirt or leggings. Their knee high leather boots for women are a perfect example of something which can transform an entire look and turn heads on the high street or in the workplace. Or dress them up with a beautiful gipsy style leather skirt or look delicious in an evening dress. You don’t need to completely change your wardrobe, simply add a few interesting and unique items to your clothing and footwear range and you will instantly see and feel the difference it can make to your life. 

Written by GiPsy Dharma — August 02, 2014


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