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For those of you with a unique personality searching for something fabulous and fun to reflect your love for life then Gipsy Dharma is definitely the choice for you. It is simply a footwear paradise for anyone wanting something magical, bespoke, trendy or bohemian! Now you can get the stunning boho look with a pair of leather knee high boots from the huge range offered by Gipsy Dharma. These boots are becoming so popular that they have now been shipped to over 50 different countries, with women all over the world expressing their love for these beautiful hand crafted ladies boots. Not only have they been to every corner of the earth but many women have sent in their pictures showing how these gorgeous boots have inspired them to do the most amazing things! From dancing the night away at festivals in South Africa, to trekking in the USA and partying in Europe, it just goes to show how practical yet stylish these boots are.

And with so many colours to choose from, it’s no wonder that women are choosing to buy more from Gipsy Dharma, with their huge selection of leather clothing such as leather skirts, jackets and evening dresses to name just a few. Feel like a pixie princess or go travelling in style with a beautiful choice of clothing and footwear from Gipsy Dharma. All of their boots are hand crafted too, so you can be sure that no-one will have the same pair of boots. Forget the high street as you’ll never look back after seeing what is on offer with Gipsy Dharma clothing. And with new products added regularly, you’ll have lots to choose from as well as being the first to hear about new lines being added or sale items if you follow them on Facebook, so you’ll never miss out again!

So throw out the old, and invest in some fantastic stylish new boots from Gipsy Dharma and why not be inspired to visit all 50 of those countries yourself! The possibilities are endless. Slipping on a pair of Gipsy Dharma boots is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before – you’ll feel instantly refreshed and ready to take on anything. Women all over are seeing the difference a beautiful pair of leather boots can make, from inspiring you to travel the world to expanding your outlook, they really are life-changing! And as well as being an inspiration, a pair of Gipsy Dharma boots are truly comfortable allowing you to be on your feet all day without getting those aches and pains you often feel at the end of a day’s work – instead of wanting to kick off your shoes and lounge on the couch, you’ll want to change into something even more sexy and stylish and head back out to show off your boots on the dance floor! And who could blame you, Gipsy Dharma boots are the best in both style and comfort with superb quality leather used to create a boots and sole which mould to your feet and give you the feeling of freedom, walking at one with nature. So whether you are wearing them for work, rest or play you’ll be seeing the world in a whole different way, feeling motivated to challenge yourself and discover new things. Join the other 50 countries these beautiful boots have been to, and invest in a gorgeous pair of Gipsy Dharma knee high boots for yourself to add to your footwear collection and see how they can improve your confidence, inspire you to achieve more, be successful and put a smile on your face!

Written by Yulia Shakutina — September 07, 2014


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