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Give the gift of Gipsy Dharma

When it comes to choosing gifts for someone special, whether it is for a birthday, Christmas or perhaps another special occasion, it can be rather difficult. It seems most people don’t ‘need’ anything in particular, and ideas can be hard to come by. SO why not consider something completely unique and different that reflects their nature or even helps to inspire their creativity. Crafts and handmade items are becoming increasingly popular, through television shows as well as books and ideas to decorate the home, or bake, make your own gifts and much more. But of course not everybody has the creativity or time to sit and make something from scratch – which is why people are turning to bespoke handmade items to give as gifts. This option is much more personal and shows much more time and detail has gone into creating something as a one-off for that special someone.

Most women love fashion, clothes and shopping but the high street can often be a mass of low quality mass produced clothing that has no passion or sparkle, so choosing handmade clothing or ladies footwear can be a great alternative gift idea that really shows you care as well as offering them something that can inspire them to explore, travel and open their mind to new possibilities. Gipsy Dharma’s choice of knee high boots offers  a huge selection of colours and styles, which different lengths of leather boots to choose from and are all hand crafted by artisans who care about comfort and style when it comes to ladies fashionable footwear.

Not only are you giving a wonderful gift by offering handmade knee length boots for women but you are also offering the gift of Gipsy Dharma which encompasses much more than just a pair of ladies leather boots. Gipsy Dharma have a unique design about them that evokes pictures of fairies, gipsies and exploring the woodland, as well as childhood memories that suddenly make you realise how much more there is to life than all work and no play! For from it. They give you a great style, that really transforms your image whilst making you feel carefree happy and confident to take on new experiences and challenges with greater ease.

You can choose from a large variety of colours, perhaps something that best reflects the person you are buying for or something festive and fun with deep reds, plums or fabulous greens and gold’s, that really get you in the mood for the festive season. There is also the option to purchase a gift card for someone to choose a pair for themselves, but there is nothing better than seeing their face when they open the magic of Gipsy Dharma. Slipping on a pair of beautiful knee high boots from Gipsy Dharma will have them wanting to begin exploring the world right away, but above all helps them to stand tall and feel much more confident about themselves and able to take on the world. What you choose to wear really does affect the way you feel and in turn how positive your life is, as many women know that looking great really makes you feel good. Gipsy Dharma have managed to achieve this whilst also providing practical comfortable women’s leather footwear that looks great paired with many different outfits for many occasions. Gipsy Dharma boots are particular good for anyone that prefers flat boots whilst still looking incredibly stylish and fashionable. They mould to the individual’s body shape making them more and more comfortable as they are worn. Easy to care for and great for all occasions, Gipsy Dharma’s are the perfect choice for a gift this season.

Written by GiPsy Dharma — March 22, 2015

Festive colours for the festive season

With Christmas only round the corner, many people are now beginning to think about gifts, decorations and much more! Shops begin to bring out the Christmas stock as plants and summer items get put away for the winter. It’s certainly an exciting time, with so many things to look forward to. Suddenly everything seems brighter, sparkling and filled with joy! Colours begin to stand out with festive reds, greens and glorious gold’s and before you know it, those festive songs we all remember come onto the radio bringing happiness to anyone listening. So why do we enjoy the colours of Christmas so much? The glittering colours of winter, the silvery snowflakes, red tinsel and gold baubles. It reminds us of times gone by, memories of childhood and the excitement of Christmas day! All those parties, having friends round, getting the family together and pulling crackers over the dinner table – always complaining that you never win!

With life being so uplifting, and while you bring colour into other areas of your life, why not consider your clothing or footwear? It can equally make you feel warm and happy inside, as well as boost your confidence and help you tackle the stress of Christmas shopping and the plethora of organizing to do. And of course your winter wardrobe certainly doesn’t need to remain dull or dark, as we often reach for the black boots, and dark jeans with a dark wooly coat! Absolutely not. Bring the colours of Christmas into your wardrobe, with all those beautiful metallic reds, glittering colours that ooze an air of pure luxury and style. Look on the high street or online and you are sure to find something that really stands out and sparkles like nothing else. Gipsy Dharma provide handmade clothing and leather boots for women all over the world, helping to improve the way women think and feel about their footwear and of course themselves. You can now purchase those festive colours for the festive season from their online catalogue with so many to choose from, you may be spoilt for choice. Think about what you want to wear them for, or perhaps the type of outfit you would wear your knee high boots with. This will help you decide on a colour that is best for you, and can look just as gorgeous season after season. There are deep purples and plums, reds and even gold’s to choose from, or perhaps you would prefer something altogether unique such as a galaxy caramel swirl colour or animal print. Whichever you choose, you are sure to be the centre of attention at the Christmas party, with people in envy of your stunning bohemian style.

Choosing brighter festive colours, not only get you in the Christmas spirit but also make you feel more uplifted, giving you a great sense of well-being. Colours can have huge influences on the mood and consequently how well your life can be. So why not consider a beautiful festive colour for your leather lace up boots and spread that feeling of love and joy! Not only are Gipsy Dharma’s women’s boots unique and beautifully stylish, but they are also incredibly comfortable with a flat heel and super soft leather to really help you stay on your feet all day, whether you are Christmas shopping or carol singing – you are sure to feel your very best. And of course if you are searching for a special gift for someone close, then why not consider a pair of leather thigh high boots or knee high boots for that special someone to open this Christmas? Gift cards are available, so you don’t need to worry about choosing the right colour or length. Take a look at the online catalogue and be amazed at the beautiful choice available.

Written by GiPsy Dharma — March 22, 2015

Warm up those cold days with Gipsy Dharma boots

With the winter season really kicking in now, the days and nights are getting colder, meaning we are reaching for those warm jumpers, hat’s and scarves! It seems like two minutes ago we were experiencing a record summer, and then suddenly the weather has turned and the heating is on. However, dealing with the cold weather doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style and fashionable clothing with frumpy jumpers and big parkas! Not at all. There are many ways to enhance your style and look stunning whilst keeping yourself warm on those colder days or evenings out. You can find lots of unique clothing online that offers a great choice of handmade clothing and ladies footwear. Gipsy Dharma’s unique women’s clothing offers a huge selection of leather long leather boots, thigh high boots and knee high boots in many different colours. Not only can you find something that is much more imaginative and uniquely designed, but it is also a great choice for all seasons – keeping you warm in the winter whilst being comfortable as the beautiful spring sets in. You can also brighten up those cold dull days with bright and bold colours such as yellows, sky blues or sexy oranges! Compliment your wardrobe with a colour of your choice, or perhaps go with a striking contrasting colour to really stand out wherever you go.

All of Gipsy Dharma’s collection is made with a raw leather design, so they are completely unique to any woman who wears them. Unlike many other boots on the high street, Gipsy Dharma’s really put a spring in your step, so before you know it you’ll be skipping in the woods and dancing the night away beneath the stars. Giving you a beautiful bohemian look, knee high leather boots from Gipsy Dharma will most certainly brighten up your day and make you feel much happier, beating away those winter blues! Whether you choose bright leather boots or festive red boots for women, you will turn heads with your unique style, and be the talk of the table over Christmas dinner! Gipsy Dharma’s designer boots have also been created without a heel, so you can be sure of optimum comfort with a choice of flat leather boots in any colour you like.

You can pair them with a beautiful handmade leather handbag and winter coat for a truly magical style this winter. So step away from your usual dull winter boots and opt for something much more stylish and creative, inspiring you and increasing your overall confidence, allowing you to get through the festive season without any stress or anxieties! And of course, you could also hint to the other half, as Gipsy Dharma boots are the perfect Christmas gift, or perhaps you have someone in mind who will love them as much as you! Wrapped perfectly and posted worldwide, you could soon have your very own pair of Gipsy Dharma boots which are also available in a choice of festive inspired colours that really get you in the mood for this Christmas season. Hand crafted using fine quality leather and designed with a raw edge, they feel like a second skin, making them great for wrapping up your feet and keeping you toasty ready for winter. You can also get all the information you need on the Gipsy Dharma website for caring for your boots, as well as ideas for styles and other collections of handmade clothes to pair with your winter flat leather boots. Take a look at the online catalogue for the latest styles and colours to help find your perfect pair of women’s boots this Christmas.

Written by GiPsy Dharma — March 22, 2015

Spreading love and joy through Gipsy Dharma

Gipsy Dharma has become increasingly popular for their signature knee high boots, using a unique laced leather design. Searching for flat leather boots that have any kind of exciting style can be extremely difficult if not impossible, causing many women to be stuck with the same kind of dull shoe. Although there are many options available for stylish heels or evening shoes, there is often very limited choice for ladies leather footwear that offers both interesting design and practicality. However with Gipsy Dharma’s unique clothing and leather boots, the imaginative style not only looks great in many different social situations but also inspires people in lots of ways. Gipsy Dharma’s handmade clothing and footwear is interpreted differently by many women, but ultimately makes people feel good and much happier about themselves through the medium of fashion and imagination. The collection is very personal due to the time taken to hand craft every individual garment or piece of footwear, which creates a feeling of love and joy. Therefore it does more than just provide comfort and style but allows you to spread the good feeling of love and joy wherever your travels take you.

Whether you choose from the range of beautiful handmade clothing or the hand crafted leather boots, you will no doubt be inspired to explore many parts of the world, opening your mind to new experiences. Gipsy Dharma boots really are the perfect choice for travelling, due to their versatility but are also equally fashionable and stylish for special occasions or evenings out. So you can really stand out, and look great whilst being extremely comfortable. It is incredibly important to find ways to feel good about yourself and increasing your general health and well–being, and the right clothing and footwear can really help you to improve many areas of your life and feel the love and joy from everyone in your life to the natural environment and much more. Feeling good about yourself is also reflected in everything around you, so you can help to spread the feeling of happiness and love through the positive vibes you express, inspiring others to feel great about them too. Therefore it has never been more important to look and feel good through great quality unique clothing and beautiful tall boots that really make you stand tall and feel happier and more confident.

And with Christmas coming up, it has never been a better time to spread the joy of the festive season and make your loved ones feel extra special. Whether you choose to buy something from the Gipsy Dharma collection as a gift or for yourself, they are certain to make you feel loved and special the moment you slip them on. And of course they have a magical curiosity about them, making them the perfect gift or treat to wear throughout the coming season. A pair of good flat leather boots are a must have addition to your wardrobe particularly for the winter season, keeping your warm and comfortable but still making you look amazing all wrapped up in the snow! And of course you can wear them for all those special occasions throughout winter, becoming the talk of the town as you will be positively glowing from head to toe! So why not take a look at the collection of unique clothing and handmade boots and see the great range of colours and styles available. Gipsy Dharma will help to really pick you up this autumn and relieve the anxieties of Christmas, as well as brighten up those cold dark days, bring warmth and help spread love and joy all over.

Written by GiPsy Dharma — March 22, 2015

Surprise someone this Christmas with a pair of Gipsy Dharma’s

Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year, with many people spending time preparing their homes with decorations, gifts, trips away and of course the Christmas turkey! In recent years, crafts and generally being creative with Christmas has become increasingly popular. Handmade gifts have a much more personal meaning to them, and give the person making the item a great sense of satisfaction, as well as making a loved one feel very happy. Hand crafted items such as cards, decorations, presents and even cakes and chocolates are an opportunity for you to express your creativity as well as save money by recycling or upcycling items that may have previously been unloved. With this overwhelming urge to get making, people have become much more inspired to find unique items and create or purchase one-off gifts for loved ones. For something extra special, particularly if you aren’t the creative type yourself, there are still many ways to find the perfect gift this season, with options such as unique clothes UK based too, or handmade footwear that inspires creativity and shows a loved one how much you care.

If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for a loved one this Christmas, then why not take a look at Gipsy Dharma’s beautiful collection of handmade clothes and knee high boots. The unique design makes them the perfect choice for any women who prefers something completely individual and stands out from normal everyday high street clothing. Gipsy Dharma’s knee length boots have an air of magic about them, bringing out every girl’s imagination, hand crafted with a raw leather design to give the best style. Gipsy Dharma’s leather boots come beautifully wrapped too, with simple instructions for lacing and caring for the boots. So light up someone’s face this Christmas with the perfect handmade gift. They are sure to look great with any outfit, especially all wrapped up for the winter weather! There are now even more colours to choose from, particularly festive colours such as a beautiful deep red, or why not choose something completely different to suit their taste.

Choosing gifts at this time of year can often be quite difficult. You want to make sure you find something special, but something that they will like and want to use. If you are looking to find a gift for someone who is already incredibly creative, then a pair of Gipsy Dharma’s can be the perfect choice, allowing them to wear them again and again, providing comfort and beautiful style. Choose from ankle or knee length, giving them a truly unique bohemian style. They can then see in the New Year in great style, with these fashionable boots as well as feeling great about themselves. New leather boots from Gipsy Dharma will also inspire someone to travel, and share their new found confidence with others, making them a real gem.

You can also help to boost a loved one’s confidence and creativity with some Gipsy Dharma’s. A great gift idea for Christmas, but with New Year approaching, they are the ideal basis for making a New Year’s resolution to travel or achieve something amazing! Improving a person’s overall feelings and well-being can be really life changing, allowing them to experience more and achieve more. The confidence you can bring to someone who needs a boost with a pair of beautiful handmade knee high boots is priceless. So by choosing something unique from the Gipsy Dharma collection, you can be the one to completely transform someone’s life, and perhaps help them get that promotion or even go overseas for the first time.

Written by GiPsy Dharma — March 22, 2015

Gipsy Dharma on Polyvore

Gipsy Dharma’s continued success has been seen worldwide with women from every corner of the planet purchasing the unique hand-made leather knee high boots. Women have sent in pictures showcasing their gorgeous boots in lots of ways, from capturing a pixie style in the woods to dancing the night away at festivals, the popularity of Gipsy Dharma’s extensive range of leather clothing and footwear has grown enormously as women realise you can indeed have comfort with superb style and quality footwear! So you really don’t need to cause yourself blisters to look good anymore girls!

Gipsy Dharma have now appeared in many blogs and online posts, with widespread recommendations for their bespoke ladies footwear and beautiful designer clothing range, but if that’s not enough, Gipsy Dharma are now featuring on Polyvore – the home of high quality home, fashion and beauty. Now you can join the many other women searching for unique fashion and express yourself with a wide choice of styles, colours and designs available. So if you are looking for something extra special, and struggling to find something completely unique on the high-street, then look no further as you can now get high quality designer fashion right to your door.

Not only does Gipsy Dharma specialise in leather footwear for women and unique leather clothing, but they are extremely passionate about making women feel at their best, helping to completely transform their lives from work to family ad friends, through the beautiful medium of fashion. Unlike most aspects of fashion however, Gipsy Dharma have created something that truly inspires people and brings out their vivid imagination, helping women just like you to experience so much more with your life and achieve things you never thought possible. Gipsy Dharma’s leather knee high boots encourage you to travel, near and far and help you to meet new people and discover new places. These glorious boots are such a head turner, you’ll have people complimenting you wherever you go, boosting your confidence and helping you to become more inquisitive, assertive and improve your sense of wellbeing – what’s not to love!

You can get lots of information through the website about lines added to the many collections, as well as offers and even weekly giveaways! But for now, join the community of like-minded women at Polyvore and discover your inner and outer beauty with so much to choose from. Gipsy Dharma’s collection of leather footwear for women and beautiful ladies clothing is not just about designer fashion but every item is a piece of artwork, which can be interpreted to inspire your creative juices in any way you wish. You can see the extensive range of leather footwear and clothing as well as beautiful artwork created by Gipsy Dharma on Polyvore right now.

Whether you have a specific colour in mind or simply want to browse, Gipsy Dharma have a range spanning over 50 colours giving you plenty of choice to find something perfect to go with any outfit, or perhaps a beautiful pair of knee high pixie boots for a wedding with a difference. Gipsy Dharma have provided beautiful leather boots for brides and bridesmaids as well as festival goers, and many more! So express yourself today with something unique and fashionable from Gipsy Dharma on Polyvore, and feel the difference it can make in every area of your life and of course don’t forget to keep up to date with the latest information with new lines being added all the time and weekly giveaways, giving you the chance to own your very own pair of gorgeous leather knee high boots to transform your look this season.

Here’s the link to our polyvore page.

Written by GiPsy Dharma — September 24, 2014

My exclusive giveaway for Gipsy Dharma customers only.

For those of you who are a big fan of stylish ladies footwear and clothing and passionate about high quality fashion and comfort, then you will be pleased to know that Gipsy Dharma are running an exclusive giveaway for their loyal customers. As you may already be aware, Gipsy Dharma specialise in beautiful leather clothing and footwear for women, and have so far shipped to many different countries throughout the world! From festivals and treks in South Africa, and the US to Australia and Europe, women all over have experienced the superb quality and comfort of Gipsy Dharma’s huge range of knee high boots, leather gipsy skirts and much more. All of Gipsy Dharma’s clothing and footwear range has been carefully designed and hand-made by a team of highly skilled artisans who are passionate about providing unique style and fashionable footwear to women like you! So now you can stop searching the high street feeling disappointed by the low quality lack of choice, and take a look at the varied selection of styles and colours offered by Gipsy Dharma.

For those of you who are already lucky enough to own a pair of beautiful leather knee high boots or ankle boots from Gipsy Dharma, you will know how comfortable and stylish they are, protecting your feet whilst giving a feeling of freedom with that unique barefoot feeling. The unique look brings out your creativity sparking inspiration to travel, explore and try new things. All of Gipsy Dharma’s beautiful choice of fashion clothing and leather footwear is sure to turn heads and make any woman wearing them feel on top of the world.

Whether you are new to Gipsy Dharma or an avid fan and existing customer, Gipsy Dharma’s website has all the latest info on new lines added, along with new colours, styles and tips on fashion, feeling great and looking good! You can also check out the Facebook page to stay up to date with exclusive announcements and lots of giveaways. But for now, you can be in with a chance of owning your very own pair of knee high leather boots in Gipsy Dharma’s exclusive giveaway! What could be cooler than that! So brighten up your day with something sexy and seductive from the extensive catalogue of beautiful leather boots for women, leather gipsy skirts, evening dresses and much more. You can also choose between ankle length and knee length boots, giving you even more choice to find something perfect for your outfit or that special occasion. Gipsy Dharma boots not only look and feel fabulous for daily wear or travelling, but put the icing on the cake for a special occasion with a difference!

Whether you want to achieve a cool bohemian look or feel the freedom of a gipsy style, let your imagination run wild with some ladies leather boots designed to really brighten up your day. With so many gorgeous colours and designs to choose from you may be a little spoilt for choice! But at Gipsy Dharma you can be sure that we have something for you. So what are you waiting for! Make sure you have signed up to receive updates direct from Gipsy Dharma and take advantage of the exclusive giveaways and much more by liking the Facebook page, as well as out Google+ page and join the discussion today with lots of like-minded women and feel truly inspired. You really can improve your whole outlook by re-thinking your style and adding the perfect footwear to your wardrobe, in colours and styles that are sure to put a smile on your face!

Written by GiPsy Dharma — September 24, 2014

Over 50 beautiful colours and still counting! :)

Everybody loves colour! Whether you are decorating your home, picking out fabrics or a new outfit, colour enhancing the mood in so many different ways, it can be greatly influential on the way you feel and therefore how your day goes. Blues tend to be very calming, reds and oranges are known for giving a warm feeling and are suited to Autumn themes, whereas yellows and other bright colours give a sense of sunshine and happiness helping you feel uplifted and energised. Yet despite the way colour can truly enhance your life, many people find themselves turning to darker colours of browns, neutrals and predominantly blacks when choosing clothes or footwear. This may seem comfortable but it has more of a negative effect on how you feel and consequently how your day may go in many areas of your life. You are unlikely to feel good about yourself, or gain attention for the way you look. Whereas brighter and more varied colours help to create inspiration and creativity – opening up your mind to new and fresh ideas that can have a truly positive impact on work, relationships and social life. You wouldn’t paint your bedroom dark brown or black, so why dress in these dark colours. Neutral colours or earthy colours can look very flattering and sleek depending on what you pair it with o what accessories you wear with your outfit, but generally speaking an outfit needs some colour!

Luckily Gipsy Dharma has a wide range of colours with 50 available to choose from and more being added all the time! So unlike many other high street stores that have a limited choice of colour in the shoes or ladies boots you like, Gipsy Dharma have created an immense catalogue of colours across the entire spectrum. I bet you didn’t even know there were more than 50 colours! And that’s because we are so used to a pathetic offering of a handful of basic colours in most ranges of clothing and footwear. Gipsy Dharma have come together to create a range of colours to literally suite all tastes. From bright yellows, to yellow ochre, chocolate, seductive reds, cool blues, and perfect pinks, not to mention bold neon colours, snakeskin designs, galaxy chocolate and much much more!

Not only do they offer a huge variety of colours in there beautiful hand-made leather boots but also a wide selection of unique colours in gorgeous leather skirts, bolero jackets as well as different styles and sizes available. Now you really can get the look you have been waiting for, with colours and styles to suite all. You can get inspiration on the Gipsy Dharma website by browsing the online catalogue, as well as getting up to date information on the latest colours and styles added to the collection, as well as a chance to enter a competition to win your very own pair of Gipsy Dharma boots in the weekly giveaway! Join the Facebook page to find out more and connect with lots of other like-minded women that are passionate about unique, quality ladies footwear that inspires and provokes creativity from within. Gipsy Dharma’s fabulous range of knee length boots in many colours are perfect for travelling as well as general day to day use, keeping you comfortable throughout the day while looking fashionable and making you feel truly special. Every pair is unique and made of superb quality leather too, so you can be sure of protection and comfort. And you can wear Gipsy Dharma boots for women with almost any outfit and for any occasion to really step up your style!

Written by GiPsy Dharma — September 24, 2014

Where would you take your Gipsy Dharmas?

There’s nothing better than slipping on your favourite shoes, whether it’s for a night out or special occasion, you are sure to feel fabulous putting the icing on the cake after perfecting your desired look. But unlike many ladies shoes that can feel uncomfortable after only a few hours of dancing the night away, Gipsy Dharma boots provide superb comfort whilst still remaining super stylish and fashionable. Not only do they look great with almost any outfit, in any season! But they have character that inspires women to open their mind to new things and new possibilities. With knee high leather boots from Gipsy Dharma you really can make those dreams a reality and discover new experiences. So the question is, where would you take your Gipsy Dharma’s? Or indeed where will they take you! The possibilities really are endless, with so many places to see, things to do and discover. You may be wondering how these beautiful ladies boots can create such inspiration unlike other ladies footwear, which is due to the fabulous combination of comfort and style. We all know that looking great makes us feel good inside and out. You know that feeling on a Saturday night when you’ve spent hours getting ready, or days preparing for that special occasion, you feel fabulous – if only for what may seem like a moment. Yet with ladies leather boots from Gipsy Dharma, you can feel special every time you wear them, and they are practical enough to wear from the day through to night whilst still turning heads and providing comfort and protection for your feet.

Not only this, but these gorgeous boots have a unique pixie style that helps to bring out your imagination! You could be a pixie princess, or get that boho look and be whoever you want to be, allowing you to break away from convention and discover the world in whatever way you wish. The problem however is many of us often feel tied down to jobs, family or general day to day responsibilities, but by freeing your mind you can achieve absolutely anything! Whether you start locally and take your Gipsy Dharma’s exploring in the local woodlands, or go further afield and discover a whole new continent, your beautiful leather knee high boots will definitely make you feel great wherever you go and inspire you to push your boundaries and discover even more! So there’ll be no more slouching on the sofa on your day off, don those glorious boots and set out to explore the world.

Feeling good about yourself helps to feel more confident and assertive helping, to give you the courage to set out and see new things and meet new people, which is why Gipsy Dharma’s leather boots for women are the perfect solution to help boost your confidence and feel great wherever you go and whoever you are with. The right footwear really can transform your life, helping you reach out and do things you never thought possible! Well now you really can stop daydreaming over coffee and really start making plans. Women all over the world have bought Gipsy Dharma leather boots and shown what fun you can have, from festivals in South Africa to treks across New Zealand, you can be that person too! Gipsy Dharma boots not only make you look and feel like a brand new you, but can completely change your outlook on life, making you realise how much there is to truly discover, and suddenly you realise that the only thing holding you back from it all isn’t your life, but you…

Written by GiPsy Dharma — September 24, 2014

Let there forever be summer time with Gipsy Dharma.

Summer is a beautiful time of year, as wildlife is in full bloom, the days are longer and we take advantage of the glorious sunshine with trips to the beach, holidays and much more. But as autumn approaches there's no need to wave goodbye to the summer sun, as you can achieve the perfect look and feel of summer all year round. So why not let there forever be summertime with beautiful bold colours in a wide range of leather boots for women or gorgeous flowing leather skirts to reflect the magic of summertime. So don't let the darker evenings and colder days get you down, far from it! Add sparkle to your wardrobe that will make you look divine and feel full of the colours of summertime throughout the year. If you've ever wondered why you feel so much happier in the sunshine it's because it naturally enhances your mood alleviating the depressive feeling many women feel during the winter months. But the change in seasons does not mean that your summertime fun should stop or your mood should change. By continuing to feel refreshed and elated, you will see a noticeable difference in many parts of your life, from family and relationships to social settings and careers. Let some sunshine in on a rainy day, and feel truly energized and ready to take on the world!

How women feel is often reflected in their choice of clothing and footwear. Ever had that day where you slipped on some baggy pants and a top and tied up your bed head? You probably lounged around for most of the day too? Well if this made you feel off colour or a bit down, it's likely that you were lacking colour in your day! Including a splash of vibrancy in your outfit can really improve your mood. We all know how much better we feel after dressing up for a special occasion, as it's incredibly uplifting adding a sense of pride and self-confidence. So next time you're feeling a bit low, reach out for some glorious yellow or bright blue and leave those baggy pants in the drawer! You can also add some unique leather knee high boots to your footwear collection too, which will look great with many different outfits, being extremely versatile whilst brightening up your day. Who wouldn't want that? Shoes really are a girl’s best friend, and will really enhance your mood on the cloudiest of days.

Looking great really makes you feel better in many different ways. As well as feeling much more confident and ready to tackle the day ahead, it also attracts attention from others who will compliment you and further increase your feeling of self-confidence. Be inspired to try new things and explore the world in the most beautiful knee high boots for women that will help open up your mind and discover a whole new you! So whether it’s rain or shine outside, you’ll forever feel the sunshine within in your fabulous Gipsy Dharmas. There is a huge range of bespoke leather boots to choose from, and by picking bright and bold colours you can help to enhance your mood all year round, and you can create a style to suite you that compliments or even contrasts with your outfit, making you look amazing, and of course the hand-made boots from Gipsy Dharma are all designed to make you feel comfortable whilst looking fashionable and stylish. You can also team them beautifully with a leather skirt or ladies leather bolero to complete the look and let there forever be sunshine in your life!

Written by GiPsy Dharma — September 24, 2014


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