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When it comes to choosing gifts for someone special, whether it is for a birthday, Christmas or perhaps another special occasion, it can be rather difficult. It seems most people don’t ‘need’ anything in particular, and ideas can be hard to come by. SO why not consider something completely unique and different that reflects their nature or even helps to inspire their creativity. Crafts and handmade items are becoming increasingly popular, through television shows as well as books and ideas to decorate the home, or bake, make your own gifts and much more. But of course not everybody has the creativity or time to sit and make something from scratch – which is why people are turning to bespoke handmade items to give as gifts. This option is much more personal and shows much more time and detail has gone into creating something as a one-off for that special someone.

Most women love fashion, clothes and shopping but the high street can often be a mass of low quality mass produced clothing that has no passion or sparkle, so choosing handmade clothing or ladies footwear can be a great alternative gift idea that really shows you care as well as offering them something that can inspire them to explore, travel and open their mind to new possibilities. Gipsy Dharma’s choice of knee high boots offers  a huge selection of colours and styles, which different lengths of leather boots to choose from and are all hand crafted by artisans who care about comfort and style when it comes to ladies fashionable footwear.

Not only are you giving a wonderful gift by offering handmade knee length boots for women but you are also offering the gift of Gipsy Dharma which encompasses much more than just a pair of ladies leather boots. Gipsy Dharma have a unique design about them that evokes pictures of fairies, gipsies and exploring the woodland, as well as childhood memories that suddenly make you realise how much more there is to life than all work and no play! For from it. They give you a great style, that really transforms your image whilst making you feel carefree happy and confident to take on new experiences and challenges with greater ease.

You can choose from a large variety of colours, perhaps something that best reflects the person you are buying for or something festive and fun with deep reds, plums or fabulous greens and gold’s, that really get you in the mood for the festive season. There is also the option to purchase a gift card for someone to choose a pair for themselves, but there is nothing better than seeing their face when they open the magic of Gipsy Dharma. Slipping on a pair of beautiful knee high boots from Gipsy Dharma will have them wanting to begin exploring the world right away, but above all helps them to stand tall and feel much more confident about themselves and able to take on the world. What you choose to wear really does affect the way you feel and in turn how positive your life is, as many women know that looking great really makes you feel good. Gipsy Dharma have managed to achieve this whilst also providing practical comfortable women’s leather footwear that looks great paired with many different outfits for many occasions. Gipsy Dharma boots are particular good for anyone that prefers flat boots whilst still looking incredibly stylish and fashionable. They mould to the individual’s body shape making them more and more comfortable as they are worn. Easy to care for and great for all occasions, Gipsy Dharma’s are the perfect choice for a gift this season.

Written by Yulia Shakutina — March 22, 2015


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