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Gipsy Dharma’s continued success has been seen worldwide with women from every corner of the planet purchasing the unique hand-made leather knee high boots. Women have sent in pictures showcasing their gorgeous boots in lots of ways, from capturing a pixie style in the woods to dancing the night away at festivals, the popularity of Gipsy Dharma’s extensive range of leather clothing and footwear has grown enormously as women realise you can indeed have comfort with superb style and quality footwear! So you really don’t need to cause yourself blisters to look good anymore girls!

Gipsy Dharma have now appeared in many blogs and online posts, with widespread recommendations for their bespoke ladies footwear and beautiful designer clothing range, but if that’s not enough, Gipsy Dharma are now featuring on Polyvore – the home of high quality home, fashion and beauty. Now you can join the many other women searching for unique fashion and express yourself with a wide choice of styles, colours and designs available. So if you are looking for something extra special, and struggling to find something completely unique on the high-street, then look no further as you can now get high quality designer fashion right to your door.

Not only does Gipsy Dharma specialise in leather footwear for women and unique leather clothing, but they are extremely passionate about making women feel at their best, helping to completely transform their lives from work to family ad friends, through the beautiful medium of fashion. Unlike most aspects of fashion however, Gipsy Dharma have created something that truly inspires people and brings out their vivid imagination, helping women just like you to experience so much more with your life and achieve things you never thought possible. Gipsy Dharma’s leather knee high boots encourage you to travel, near and far and help you to meet new people and discover new places. These glorious boots are such a head turner, you’ll have people complimenting you wherever you go, boosting your confidence and helping you to become more inquisitive, assertive and improve your sense of wellbeing – what’s not to love!

You can get lots of information through the website about lines added to the many collections, as well as offers and even weekly giveaways! But for now, join the community of like-minded women at Polyvore and discover your inner and outer beauty with so much to choose from. Gipsy Dharma’s collection of leather footwear for women and beautiful ladies clothing is not just about designer fashion but every item is a piece of artwork, which can be interpreted to inspire your creative juices in any way you wish. You can see the extensive range of leather footwear and clothing as well as beautiful artwork created by Gipsy Dharma on Polyvore right now.

Whether you have a specific colour in mind or simply want to browse, Gipsy Dharma have a range spanning over 50 colours giving you plenty of choice to find something perfect to go with any outfit, or perhaps a beautiful pair of knee high pixie boots for a wedding with a difference. Gipsy Dharma have provided beautiful leather boots for brides and bridesmaids as well as festival goers, and many more! So express yourself today with something unique and fashionable from Gipsy Dharma on Polyvore, and feel the difference it can make in every area of your life and of course don’t forget to keep up to date with the latest information with new lines being added all the time and weekly giveaways, giving you the chance to own your very own pair of gorgeous leather knee high boots to transform your look this season.

Here’s the link to our polyvore page.

Written by Yulia Shakutina — September 24, 2014


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