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With Christmas only round the corner, many people are now beginning to think about gifts, decorations and much more! Shops begin to bring out the Christmas stock as plants and summer items get put away for the winter. It’s certainly an exciting time, with so many things to look forward to. Suddenly everything seems brighter, sparkling and filled with joy! Colours begin to stand out with festive reds, greens and glorious gold’s and before you know it, those festive songs we all remember come onto the radio bringing happiness to anyone listening. So why do we enjoy the colours of Christmas so much? The glittering colours of winter, the silvery snowflakes, red tinsel and gold baubles. It reminds us of times gone by, memories of childhood and the excitement of Christmas day! All those parties, having friends round, getting the family together and pulling crackers over the dinner table – always complaining that you never win!

With life being so uplifting, and while you bring colour into other areas of your life, why not consider your clothing or footwear? It can equally make you feel warm and happy inside, as well as boost your confidence and help you tackle the stress of Christmas shopping and the plethora of organizing to do. And of course your winter wardrobe certainly doesn’t need to remain dull or dark, as we often reach for the black boots, and dark jeans with a dark wooly coat! Absolutely not. Bring the colours of Christmas into your wardrobe, with all those beautiful metallic reds, glittering colours that ooze an air of pure luxury and style. Look on the high street or online and you are sure to find something that really stands out and sparkles like nothing else. Gipsy Dharma provide handmade clothing and leather boots for women all over the world, helping to improve the way women think and feel about their footwear and of course themselves. You can now purchase those festive colours for the festive season from their online catalogue with so many to choose from, you may be spoilt for choice. Think about what you want to wear them for, or perhaps the type of outfit you would wear your knee high boots with. This will help you decide on a colour that is best for you, and can look just as gorgeous season after season. There are deep purples and plums, reds and even gold’s to choose from, or perhaps you would prefer something altogether unique such as a galaxy caramel swirl colour or animal print. Whichever you choose, you are sure to be the centre of attention at the Christmas party, with people in envy of your stunning bohemian style.

Choosing brighter festive colours, not only get you in the Christmas spirit but also make you feel more uplifted, giving you a great sense of well-being. Colours can have huge influences on the mood and consequently how well your life can be. So why not consider a beautiful festive colour for your leather lace up boots and spread that feeling of love and joy! Not only are Gipsy Dharma’s women’s boots unique and beautifully stylish, but they are also incredibly comfortable with a flat heel and super soft leather to really help you stay on your feet all day, whether you are Christmas shopping or carol singing – you are sure to feel your very best. And of course if you are searching for a special gift for someone close, then why not consider a pair of leather thigh high boots or knee high boots for that special someone to open this Christmas? Gift cards are available, so you don’t need to worry about choosing the right colour or length. Take a look at the online catalogue and be amazed at the beautiful choice available.

Written by Yulia Shakutina — March 22, 2015


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