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The Importance of ‘Barefoot Feeling’ in Footwear

It’s a well-known fact, that most women love shoes and enjoy spending time choosing a new pair quite often. Heels are incredibly popular for women, especially for nights out or special occasions. A nice ladies pair of heels helps women feel sexy and fabulous no matter what they wear them with, but unfortunately heels can often be uncomfortable after a short time and aren’t good for your body. A badly fitted shoe or pair of heels can put stress on the feet, the ankle, knee joint and hips and cause bad back pain and aching.

Unfortunately it can be very difficult to find stylish footwear that also provides comfort and protection for your feet. Most footwear on the high street for example is mass produced and bad quality at high prices, but with very little option elsewhere many women feel they have no choice but to shop in many high street store for their footwear. Stylish footwear does not have to be uncomfortable or poor quality however, as there are many options available that look fabulous while protecting your feet and body from unnecessary pressure.

Hand-made leather boots created by Gipsy Dharma have been designed and made with high quality materials that give a barefoot feeling, whilst protecting your delicate feet from the harsh elements. Many shoes enclose your feet, causing sores, achiness and in some cases bunions and other problems. These bespoke leather boots allow your feet to breathe naturally and help you to feel free and in touch with nature.

Walking barefoot is extremely good for the mind as well as the body. It helps you to feel closer to the natural environment, strengthens your feet and makes you feel wild and free. Imagine how wonderful it is to feel the sand between your toes or soft grass beneath your feet. That feeling helps you to relax, and free your mind increasing the feeling of positivity, empowerment and your general well-being. There are also many key nerves and areas of the foot which are connected to corresponding parts of the body and when stimulated can help you to feel healthier and generally god about yourself. This practice of reflexology has been carried out for hundreds of years and is practiced even more in the western world today.

The beautiful leather knee high boots and other hand-made footwear created by Gipsy Dharma combine this alternative technique and feeling of being free with fabulous unique style that reflects the personalities of women worldwide. Wearing boots that give you this liberating barefoot feeling, inspire you to explore the world and the natural environment within it. You suddenly begin to see and feel nature in a whole new way, which helps to open your mind and give you a whole new outlook on life. This then helps to change many other areas of your life, as it helps you to look upon normal day to day tasks in a new light. The barefoot feeling of footwear not only makes you feel in touch with nature, but also makes you appreciate the importance of the world giving you a different perspective on life, particularly material possessions which have become accustomed to in our busy lives.

Footwear like the beautifully hand-made knee high leather boots from Gipsy Dharma help you to achieve that greater state of mind and sense of freedom. Once you experience that barefoot feeling you won’t want to look back, and whats more these boots retain the fabulous stylish look that many women strive to achieve, so you will look and feel great on any outing whether you wear them for special occasions or general day to day use.

Written by GiPsy Dharma — August 02, 2014

Why We Should Encourage Ourselves to Pick More Colourful Clothing for a Change

Every woman loves to go clothes shopping or shoes shopping from time to time, and many people make a whole day of it while our partners keep clear! There’s nothing better than trying on different clothing and choosing a new outfit – particularly for a special occasion like a wedding or christening, or even a night out. However, for many women, there tends to be a pattern of colours and styles that are chosen and that fill our many wardrobes. No matter what the high street offers or the new season’s fashion has in store, most people tend to pick earthy or dark colours when it comes to clothing and footwear. It seems to be something which most women find more comfortable and end up rarely choosing bright colours or unique styles.

There are many reasons why women often choose earthy or natural colours, but there are also many reasons why you should avoid these and try new brighter and bolder colours. Earthy colours tend to be safe, so they will often go with most other choices of clothing whether it be a pair of boots, heels or a skirt for example. People seem to think that darker colours are more flattering, largely due to magazines and other media influences. And because most women wear the same dull, earthy colours, people then feel that they fit in with the crowd as they may not have the confidence to stand out.

It becomes a vicious circle however, as people wear these drab colours feeling like they just want to blend into the crowd due to a lack of confidence, but wearing brighter coloured clothing and bolder styles can in fact boost your confidence enormously and help you feel empowered and more assertive. Everybody should encourage ourselves to pick more colourful clothing for a change as it will brighten up your life and everything in it. When you wear brighter more daring colours and styles you are likely to feel more elated and better in yourself. You will brighten up any room and feel fantastic as you turn heads wherever you go.

So consider unique clothing like Gipsy Dharma’s extensive range of hand-made leather footwear and clothing for women. It is both high quality and super stylish aimed at inspiring you and making you feel special. The unique design is also incredibly popular with women all over, as it oozes individuality and style, encouraging women to explore nature, be more create and open their mind to everything around them. Whether you choose a pair of beautiful knee high boots or a gorgeous leather gipsy skirt, the whole range is available in a plethora of startling colours so you can choose something perfect for you. Whether you have dreamt of bright yellows or deep purples or are looking for amethyst green to match your beautiful eyes, there really is something for everyone.

If you consider most material possessions in our life or homes, brighter colours are always much more attractive and are more likely to make someone smile – the same applies to our clothing. Brighter colours are more attractive and beautiful and help you to bring sunshine in your life and feel great about yourself. That positivity will also have an effect on everyone and everything around you, completely transforming your life. So why not give it a try and next time you are choosing a new outfit or new footwear, try something bold and daring and see how beautiful you look and how wonderful and uplifting you feel.

Written by GiPsy Dharma — August 02, 2014

You are What You Wear

With so much pressure on people of this generation with responsibilities of work and family life, your emotional well-being is incredibly important for your physical as well as your mental health. Too much stress can cause anxiety and in turn make you feel sluggish, depressed and unable to deal with general day to day activities, making everything seem like an uphill battle. By giving yourself time to feel good about yourself, you’ll be surprised at the difference it can make to your overall health. From a little pampering and time to relax, to choosing the right clothing and footwear you can step out feeling on top of the world!

Many of us tend to spend our days in jeans or joggers and a t-shirt as it seems practical, easy and comfortable, but the fact is it often reflects your low mood, busy lifestyle and causes you to feel pretty miserable. Reorganizing your wardrobe and your style however, can make a huge difference, making you feel empowered, valued and enabling you to see positive changes in your life. By taking a moment to think about what you currently wear and how that makes you feel, you will probably realise that you feel your best when you make a little more effort to think about your style – perhaps when you go on a night out – and wear something that reflects your personality. It is always great when you get compliments from people on how you look, which makes you feel good about yourself. Positive feelings and vibes also attract positivity, so choosing clothes that make you feel fabulous, generate positivity that is reflected in many other areas of your life. Suddenly getting up and going to work or even doing the school run, make you feel great both inside and out.

You don’t have to have hundreds of pairs of shoes and a wardrobe full of dresses or even spend thousands of pounds on a new wardrobe. Simply choosing key items that you love, can transform any outfit, changing your image and style but more importantly your outlook on life. Looking and feeling good really do go hand in hand, and simple changes create much bigger changes in your life. Gipsy Dharma have created a beautiful range of clothing for example that is aimed to inspire you and bring out your free spirit and imagination. The fabulous handmade unique leather clothing, is perfect for everyday wear but can completely transform your look for more special occasions or inspire you to feel in touch with nature and begin a journey that you will never forget. By boosting your confidence with beautiful alternative clothing and footwear, you will find yourself meeting new people, experiencing new things, attempting new challenges and generally feeling much more fulfilled in your life.

Experimenting with your style will also help you to work out what makes you feel at your best. A pair of beautiful bespoke leather boots are likely to make you feel wild, free and ultimately bring out your happiness by releasing those feel-good endorphins. A delicate evening dress with pretty plimsoles may help you feel pretty, feminine and beautiful. A very different look, but both share the same principle of making you feel special and beautiful, allowing you to take on any eventuality with pride and poise.

So why not take a look at your wardrobe and consider adding a few key items that can completely transform your appearance and your inner self. By doing this you will begin to look fabulous, feel great and see positive changes, from family and work life to your social life and even new experiences. You really are what you wear. 

Written by GiPsy Dharma — August 02, 2014

Be Rebellious and Go Against all the Mainstream Fashion Trends

Many people are influenced by current leading fashion trends, but with so many bits of advice and things to choose from it can be hard to know what types of clothing or footwear to choose. Articles often compare figures, shapes and sizes and advise on the most appropriate style of clothing; necklines, waistlines and goodness knows what else. And of course companies are constantly advertising the new season's trend of colors, styles and accessories doing whatever they can to intice you the consumer to purchase their stock. The problem is though, not everybody wants to conform, not everyone wants to follow the trends and look like a variation of the girl next door.

In most cases, the media influence people to follow mainstream fashion, and make people believe that that is how you must look. However you should be able to rebel! And go against the grain! The question is, how do you create a unique look that suits you, without feeling out of place and in fear of lacking confidence? With so much emphasis on looking good, it can be hard to imagine how you could go against all the mainstream fashion trends without getting some stick but you'll be very surprised...

In many cases people envy those that have the confidence to stand out from the crowd and go against the norm, so be proud and use that to your advantage! Think about what makes you happy, or what you think you look your best in; it may not have even been designed yet. In fact many fashion designers have got into the business as they felt their was a gap in the market for the style of clothing or footwear that they felt suited them, so don't be fooled into thinking you shouldn't go right ahead and get experimenting. Use your imagination too! When we consider fashion, whatever types of clothing or shoes, we picture them all being pretty much the same. However if you search through many independent designers and manufactures of unique clothing and footwear, you'll be surprised to find some amazing choices. Imagine pixie boots, or leather gypsy skirts! Bring out your wild side and explore.

Fashion not only helps us to look great but also feel good. When we try on certain types of clothing or footwear our body releases hormones that give us that euphoric feeling! So why not go with your gut instinct. As well as this, most high street stores are simply churning out sub quality clothing, footwear and accessories that are factory made on a production line with absolutely no care or attention to detail. Unfortunately their number one objective is profit and not how important the right footwear or clothing is for a woman. Therefore by rebelling and going against the mainstream fashion trends, you can become much more unique and individual with the clothes you wear and the way you look and feel. You'll not only be helping others such as artisans who carefully craft these beautiful individual products but you'll also be starting a journey in your life to open your mind to lots of other ideas, gaining further inspiration and creativity along the way.

Written by GiPsy Dharma — May 21, 2014

Why are we so Obsessed with Footwear?

Fashion has always been something of interest to both men and women, with people scouring the shops or magazines for the latest trends. But as well as general clothing and accessories, women have been particularly crazy over shoes for many years. In fact statistics show that despite the recession, sales of footwear had in fact gone up! Perhaps it's the emotional effects of buying a new pair of shoes, but whatever the reason, it's clear that we are as obsessed with footwear as ever. A fabulous pair of footwear makes us feel incredible, whilst spicing up last season's outfit or completely transforming a look. Our obsession means that many women have a plethora of shoes and other footwear, and continue to invest in more. 

Believe it or not, when you try on a pair of shoes that make you feel good, giving you that "must buy" feeling, your body is actually releasing a hormone known as dopamine which gives you that feel good emotion just like taking a drug! Unlike other purchases where you may feel guilty after handing over your hard-earned cash, when women buys footwear they actually rationalize their purchase in their head, telling themselves they are indeed practical and necessary meaning that feel good high lasts much longer. 

Footwear does indeed enhance your mood, making you feel much better about yourself and of course that is important, but research suggests that it also stimulates the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which suggests that women consider shoes as a collector's item; therefore feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment following a purchase. This often creates an adrenaline rush, and of course every time you go to slip on that pair of shoes or boots you are re-living that same euphoric feeling. Shoes are indeed a positive investment. 

Heels are particularly great for the mind and body, as those amazing feelings are intensified when you try on a new pair or make a purchase. The height given to ladies when wearing heels is associated with power, and give a woman a feeling of elevated status because you feel so much taller when you wear them. Many years ago, only the elite classes wore heels, which was often a sign of wealth. Most other people within society such as the working class wore footwear that was practical for manual labor. 

High heels or stilettos have another elated emotion attached to them, as many women feel more sexual and foxy. When a woman wears high heels her stance changes, not necessarily as a result of the shoe itself but the instinctive position a woman makes to attract another male. Strangely, the part of the brain that deals with the feet is also situated right next to the area that communicates our sexual desires, so it is possible that our minds are tuned to associate feet with other sexual emotions. This also explains why shoes are considered erotic by so many people around the world. Whatever your individual reason, it's clear that women have perfectly sound justification for their obsession with footwear ;)

Written by GiPsy Dharma — May 21, 2014

How the feeling of walking barefoot can help you feel in touch with nature

We all love the feeling of the great outdoors. Feeling in touch with nature can really help to feel inspired and get those creative juices flowing. Feeling the dusty earth beneath your feet can help you connect spiritually and emotionally with nature and everything that surrounds you.

By investing in the right footwear, you can achieve that feeling of walking almost barefoot across the sand or through the mossy floor of the forests. This takes you away from the anxieties of day to day life and helps to alleviate the physical stresses upon our body.

This is why it is so important to have time to reflect, time to yourself to just sit or walk peacefully. And what better way to achieve this fabulous feeling than with soft leather boots with flexible soles to help you feel close to nature and rejuvenate your senses. The right footwear should provide great comfort and protection, yet still allow your feet to breathe naturally and feel closely connected to the ground.

Having footwear that helps you achieve the feeling of walking barefoot can help you feel in touch with nature, which is very important to help you feel good about yourself and improve your overall physical and emotional health. This in turn will help you in many aspects of your life; from careers and relationships to families and times of trouble. Feeling in touch with nature will help you feel deeply connected with life, it will open your mind to greater possibilities and further your ambitions to achieve more.

Decreasing your levels of stress and anxiety will also help you to be there for others and be a better person overall. So consider investing in the right footwear to achieve a greater sense of spiritual and emotional strength, by feeling the earth beneath your feet and helping you feel in touch with nature.

Written by GiPsy Dharma — May 12, 2014

Soft flexible soles can give you a sense of freedom.

Having comfortable footwear, particularly flexible soles, can give you a greater sense of freedom. This is due to the heightened sense of being in touch with nature and connected to the ground beneath you. Flexible soles in your footwear prevent your feet from feeling restricted, and allowing greater flexibility and movement. This ensures your feet and ankles are protected from irritation or discomfort yet promoting a greater sense of freedom with nature.
Allowing the right footwear to give you a sense of freedom is extremely beneficial for your physical and emotional health.

Not feeling restricted physically, will be reflected in your mind, releasing your mind and opening it up to greater possibilities. In this way you can prevent periods of stress or anxiety, promoting the more spiritual side to yourself.
The greater comfort from the right footwear can also prevent problems with your knees or hips in the future, as often additional strain is put on these areas due to ill fitting shoes or boots. So now you can make the most of it, and spend more time travelling without the worry of sore or irritated feet!

Many people will not realise the connection between soft, flexible footwear or clothing and having a sense of freedom, but comfort is extremely important for many reasons. Any amount of discomfort tends to make even day to day tasks seem virtually impossible. By making small changes like this to your footwear, you can concentrate on the things in your life that really matter and feel so good, you will be inspired to explore :-)

And great comfort doesn't have to compromise great style or design. The right footwear will consider all these elements, so invest in the right footwear today and notice what an incredible difference it will make to your life. Open your mind and feel that sense of freedom with flexible soles to feel connected with nature.

Written by GiPsy Dharma — May 12, 2014

How new clothing can inspire a new you.

We know how good it feels when we get new clothes or a new pair of shoes, and that's because it's new, fresh and inspiring! Taking a look at your wardrobe and throwing out the old can promote a fresh start in both body and mind. Perhaps you have lost weight or you're moving home or starting a new relationship. Whatever your life holds, new clothing and a new style will give you a boost of confidence and a positive mental attitude to tackle life and try new things.

From travelling to dating, the right style can help you get through any tough times due to its ability to help you feel unique and confident. And what better way to achieve this, than through clothing that shouts out, uniqueness and confidence! Whether you want to look more sophisticated or stand out from the crowd, by revamping your style you can achieve a whole lot more through your new found confidence and positivity :-)

Your new style and new confidence will help you achieve greater possibilities. Feeling good will help you aspire to be better, achieve more and generally feel more confident about different aspects of your life. So consider changing your wardrobe, don't be afraid to be daring and change your style. It could be the best thing you ever did. Remember you don't have to conform to the latest fashion styles either, experiment with a style to suit you.

Ultimately your new clothing will make you feel much better about yourself and in turn inspire a new you. Use your new you to have a fresh start in your life, looking at ways you can make great changes or discover new things. The possibilities are endless, but you are in control and anything is possible. Open your mind, change your clothing and take a step towards a new fantastic you!

Written by GiPsy Dharma — May 12, 2014

Different clothing and footwear colours or styles to reflect your mood

When it comes to unique clothing or footwear, the colours and styles we choose help to reflect our mood. But if you consider deliberately wearing certain colours or styles to enhance your mood or make you feel more positive, you will be amazed at the results.

If we are feeling less confident, sad or upset we tend to wear dark colours like black. This will not help that darker state of mind. Therefore by wearing brighter colours like yellows, pinks or oranges, it gives us a sense of confidence, happiness and a positive attitude. From clothing to footwear, the colours and styles you choose can seriously affect your mood.

In turn this can help your creative processes and inspiration. Brighter, more positive colours and unique styles can make you feel more able to take on even simple daily tasks as you are bound with enormous confidence and a greater ability to achieve more and by successful! :-)

Whereas deep reds or purples can evoke sexy, seductive moods - perfect for a date or meeting someone special on your travels :-) If you then pair this with some sexy over-knee leather boots or a beautiful leather skirt, you will feel overwhelmed with confidence in yourself inside and out.

So look at your wardrobe and revive those colours and styles with some new unique and daring looks. Also think about pairing colours and styles you wouldn't normally try, brighten your dark leggings with bright leather boots and a belt skirt to match maybe. Remember that by wearing more earthy tones, this can help you feel more in touch with nature and inspire you to go venturing in the woods or climbing your local hills or mountains! Before you know it you'll be packing your suitcase on your way to discovering the world…clothing and footwear really can inspire and rejuvenate your mind.

Written by GiPsy Dharma — May 12, 2014

Caring for your feet with the right footwear

Your feet are incredibly precious. They are designed to carry you through every step of life, to run, walk, dance or even skip happily along. So it is very important to care for your feet with the right footwear. The wrong footwear can cause a lot of problems with your feet, ankles and even your legs and knees. If you experience pain in your feet, you will find yourself walking differently to compensate for the pain. This will put strain on your knees and even hips! Therefore you must consider comfort and correct fitting of your footwear when choosing them, as well as the colour or design.

So avoid horrible blisters, cracked, irritated skin and bunions by investing in the right footwear. Remember you don't need to compromise on style or design in order to achieve comfort and protection. There are many types of boots and shoes for instance that use fine leather that mold to the shape of your foot, allowing your skin to breathe, and giving flexibility for the natural movement of your feet and body.

By caring for your feet in this way, you can enjoy many nights of dancing, and days of walking and climbing without experiencing discomfort or problems with your feet. So feel inspired to take on a whole new journey and feel good about yourself with the right footwear. Look for hand-made footwear, using fine materials. This will ensure your footwear lasts you for years to come. And good footwear doesn't have to be dull or boring. Absolutely not! It can come in a variety of colours, styles and designs :-) So take a look at your wardrobe and throw out all those sandals that dig into your feet, the heels that give you blisters and make you limp after 30 minutes of wear and invest in some beautiful footwear ensuring great comfort and care for your precious feet.

Written by GiPsy Dharma — May 12, 2014


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