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Feeling good about yourself is one of the greatest things about shopping for the right clothing or footwear. There’s nothing better than finding the perfect outfit or pair of women’s shoes, but with the high street often being full of mass produced, low quality women’s fashion, it can really take the fun out of shopping and it simply isn’t what it used to be. SO if you’re the kind of person that loves to find something inspiring and unique then Gipsy Dharma boots are the ideal thing for you! We all know that choosing a new outfit and trying it on for the first time, you feel on top of the world. For most people, they gain a whole new surge of confidence and enthusiasm as well as motivation to get up and go, but this can soon die down. But fear not! With Gipsy Dharma’s trendy range of ladies knee high leather boots your new found confidence will last as long as your gorgeous boots do! So you’ll soon be skipping down the high street, turning heads in your boots looking truly amazing.

The huge range of Gipsy Dharma boots were originally created to inspire women to try new things and experience the big wide world, and boy have they done that! Women from every corner of the earth have sent pictures and testimonials explaining how fabulous they look and feel in a pair of leather boots from Gipsy Dharma. Their boots have inspired them to do a whole host of fun things including attending festivals, sailing, trekking, visiting new and interesting countries to name just a few! The possibilities are endless! And the great thing about Gipsy Dharma boots is that they are so stylish and unique that you’ll need to be prepared to stop a lot and chat as they are a great conversation starter, which means you’ll be meeting lots more people on your travels! And don’t worry if you’re a little shy, as you certainly won’t be after a short time in these fab leather boots.

These Gipsy Dharma boots are like magic on your feet, completely transforming both your image and how you feel. You’ll be wanting to show them off wherever you go, and they look simply amazing with any outfit. Imagine all the things you can do in these gorgeous ladies knee high boots, as the gipsy feeling inspires you to go travelling all over, and even write about your adventures! Suddenly, you’ll be inspired to achieve so many things and even be successful along the way. You could do charity events, like walks, treks or even bungee-jumping! The world literally is your oyster, and the more you do, the more you’ll feel encouraged to do with a desire to discover so much more. So rather than sticking to the same banal daily routine, doing the same job, wearing the same clothes – be adventurous and share your enthusiasm with the world! Not only will you find yourself inspired to go on a little pixie adventure in your beautiful boots but you’ll also be transforming others along the way, touching everyone with your colourful personality! Gipsy Dharma boots are not just about function and practicality, they are so much more than that! They are about meeting new people, making friends and learning about other cultures and discovering the world in absolute style and comfort! And with so many colours to choose from in Gipsy Dharma’s range of boots, there is something to suite everyone – even the pickiest of women, so you can find a colour that reflects your personality, your style or perhaps the way you feel. Be sure to get a hold of your ideal colour and style before it’s too late, as they are all hand crafted from superb quality leather so when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Written by Yulia Shakutina — September 07, 2014


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Unique clothing and leather boots for women. Light and flexible, like second skin. Barefoot feeling for all you dancers, fairies, pixies, gypsies and space travellers :)

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