Gipsy Dharma Queen

Add some sunshine to your life with a pair of gorgeous leather boots from Gipsy Dharma. Not only are they completely hand made using fine quality leather, but they have also been created in every shade of colour. So whether you are looking for a fiery red or orange or cool blue to reflect how you feel today, there’s a shade to suite you. The colours you choose to wear can really make a difference to how you feel too. So if you’re wondering why you feel so grim lately, take a look at your wardrobe and no doubt you’ve got a collection of dark and drab colours. Adding a splash of colour to your outfit can really brighten up your mood and help you feel more motivated for the day ahead – if you don’t believe me, then try it!

Neutral and earthy colours are certainly fine, and look great especially in the festive season and winter with a splash of berry red too! But try and avoid wearing neutral colours alone all the time. Blue can be calming so great if you’re feeling a bit stressed and also looks great with other colours in your outfit. Yellows can really brighten your smile and add positivity to your outlook. Reds can make you feel warmer and fiery – energising you for the task ahead and other shades such as pink or purple can bring out your feminine side and make any woman feel extra special! And you don’t have to dress like you’re off on a night out to feel great about yourself. By adding a key item to your day’s style you can transform a simply outfit into something fun or sexy and seductive whilst feeling comfortable and ready for action. A pair of Gipsy Dharma boots can do just that. Simply slipping on a pair of knee high boots can instantly improve how you feel and make you look stunning! Whatever you are wearing you can completely transform the look, but you could also add a leather skirt or other trendy accessory to enhance your style for a special occasion.

The huge range of colours available in Gipsy Dharma’s selection of leather boots is also great if you are looking for something completely unique for a special event. So you can now wear a pair of beautiful snow white boots for that special day or perhaps a winter party as the beautiful Snow Queen! You may even wish to colour coordinate your bridesmaids or choose a pair of leather boots for your honeymoon – they will certainly make the perfect choice for your adventures as well as being a great present for any woman. Women have taken these boots all over the world and use them for a huge variety of things. They’re not just great from a style point of view, they are incredibly practical and will take you on any adventure in great comfort. So whether you’re off to a festival this season or going travelling, Gipsy Dharma boots are must have footwear for anyone looking for functionality and style. You’re probably now wondering what colour to choose from. And with so many colours available it is likely to be a hard choice, but the trick is to pick a colour that really makes you smile, that makes you happy and best reflects how you feel. No matter what colour you choose, it is sure to look great with any outfit and don’t forget you can always come back and shop for a new colour for your next adventure, as there are always new colours and styles being added to the collection, so you’ll never miss out!

Written by Yulia Shakutina — September 07, 2014


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