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Do you find yourself dreaming of going on amazing adventures, seeing the world and experiencing lots of new things only to end up carrying on with your day to day life and feeling pretty disappointed? Well you’re not alone. Lots of people spend their time thinking about all the places they’d love to go, from going wild at festivals to sailing the seven seas – despite maybe being seasick! The trouble is, we spend so much time tied up in our lives and the mundane routine of everyday life that we simply never get chance to experience the world, and when we do have a spare moment – a day off or even a whole host of holidays booked – we are thankful for the time to ourselves and end up sat in front of the TV in our pyjamas doing, well pretty much nothing! So how can we change that? Well firstly, making changes to your image or personal style can have a huge impact on your whole sense of well-being. Yes, really! Change up those dull dark colours in your wardrobe for bright and bold items of clothing and see how much this reflects in your personality. A splash of colour can put that smile right back on your face. The next thing is to consider your footwear. With so many women looking for practicality over fashion, our daily shoes end up being something your Grandma would be embarrassed to wear! Don’t deny it. So think about a beautiful pair of leather knee high boots that are practical and comfortable yet really stylish and fashionable! Choose a colour that really stands out and reflects your brighter mood and you’ll soon feel the spring in your step!

With your new found style, you’ll soon feel a boost of confidence and motivation to get out and do more. The next thing to consider are your dreams of swimming with dolphins, climbing Mount Snowden or whatever other weird and wonderful things that take your fancy…Your ideas need to be specific – just telling yourself that one day you’ll go travelling etc. will mean you’re always chasing the dream without actually doing it. I mean, bravo for trying but unless you are more specific in taking action then it will simply never happen. Instead, give yourself realistic daily or weekly goals to achieve your dream of going on a fab journey. This could be researching travel arrangements, booking time off work or shopping for holiday clothing or footwear. As you continue with these specific goals you’ll find yourself slowly but surely, actually achieving your goal.

As well as this, your new beautiful ladies leather boots and fresh style can really inspire you and help you go on an incredible journey, wherever that may be! The feeling of being so in touch with nature, with an incredible barefoot feeling can change your outlook to help you discover so much more, and you can really get your creative juices flowing with the bohemian or fairy tale style of these gorgeous leather boots. So get up off that sofa, and look forward to the summer of a lifetime in your beautiful leather knee high boots. The possibilities are literally endless! Think about the kind of journey you hope to achieve, whether that is a cultural trip or beach holiday, festival or activity trip. Do your research but keep an open mind, as things are always bound to change, and remember change is good! Your gorgeous unique leather boots are definitely a talking point and are likely to be a conversation starter, helping you to meet new people wherever you go, and moulding your journey into something as unique as you and your beautiful boots are!

Written by Yulia Shakutina — September 07, 2014


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