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Everybody loves colour! Whether you are decorating your home, picking out fabrics or a new outfit, colour enhancing the mood in so many different ways, it can be greatly influential on the way you feel and therefore how your day goes. Blues tend to be very calming, reds and oranges are known for giving a warm feeling and are suited to Autumn themes, whereas yellows and other bright colours give a sense of sunshine and happiness helping you feel uplifted and energised. Yet despite the way colour can truly enhance your life, many people find themselves turning to darker colours of browns, neutrals and predominantly blacks when choosing clothes or footwear. This may seem comfortable but it has more of a negative effect on how you feel and consequently how your day may go in many areas of your life. You are unlikely to feel good about yourself, or gain attention for the way you look. Whereas brighter and more varied colours help to create inspiration and creativity – opening up your mind to new and fresh ideas that can have a truly positive impact on work, relationships and social life. You wouldn’t paint your bedroom dark brown or black, so why dress in these dark colours. Neutral colours or earthy colours can look very flattering and sleek depending on what you pair it with o what accessories you wear with your outfit, but generally speaking an outfit needs some colour!

Luckily Gipsy Dharma has a wide range of colours with 50 available to choose from and more being added all the time! So unlike many other high street stores that have a limited choice of colour in the shoes or ladies boots you like, Gipsy Dharma have created an immense catalogue of colours across the entire spectrum. I bet you didn’t even know there were more than 50 colours! And that’s because we are so used to a pathetic offering of a handful of basic colours in most ranges of clothing and footwear. Gipsy Dharma have come together to create a range of colours to literally suite all tastes. From bright yellows, to yellow ochre, chocolate, seductive reds, cool blues, and perfect pinks, not to mention bold neon colours, snakeskin designs, galaxy chocolate and much much more!

Not only do they offer a huge variety of colours in there beautiful hand-made leather boots but also a wide selection of unique colours in gorgeous leather skirts, bolero jackets as well as different styles and sizes available. Now you really can get the look you have been waiting for, with colours and styles to suite all. You can get inspiration on the Gipsy Dharma website by browsing the online catalogue, as well as getting up to date information on the latest colours and styles added to the collection, as well as a chance to enter a competition to win your very own pair of Gipsy Dharma boots in the weekly giveaway! Join the Facebook page to find out more and connect with lots of other like-minded women that are passionate about unique, quality ladies footwear that inspires and provokes creativity from within. Gipsy Dharma’s fabulous range of knee length boots in many colours are perfect for travelling as well as general day to day use, keeping you comfortable throughout the day while looking fashionable and making you feel truly special. Every pair is unique and made of superb quality leather too, so you can be sure of protection and comfort. And you can wear Gipsy Dharma boots for women with almost any outfit and for any occasion to really step up your style!

Written by Yulia Shakutina — September 24, 2014


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