Gipsy Dharma Queen

There’s nothing better than slipping on your favourite shoes, whether it’s for a night out or special occasion, you are sure to feel fabulous putting the icing on the cake after perfecting your desired look. But unlike many ladies shoes that can feel uncomfortable after only a few hours of dancing the night away, Gipsy Dharma boots provide superb comfort whilst still remaining super stylish and fashionable. Not only do they look great with almost any outfit, in any season! But they have character that inspires women to open their mind to new things and new possibilities. With knee high leather boots from Gipsy Dharma you really can make those dreams a reality and discover new experiences. So the question is, where would you take your Gipsy Dharma’s? Or indeed where will they take you! The possibilities really are endless, with so many places to see, things to do and discover. You may be wondering how these beautiful ladies boots can create such inspiration unlike other ladies footwear, which is due to the fabulous combination of comfort and style. We all know that looking great makes us feel good inside and out. You know that feeling on a Saturday night when you’ve spent hours getting ready, or days preparing for that special occasion, you feel fabulous – if only for what may seem like a moment. Yet with ladies leather boots from Gipsy Dharma, you can feel special every time you wear them, and they are practical enough to wear from the day through to night whilst still turning heads and providing comfort and protection for your feet.

Not only this, but these gorgeous boots have a unique pixie style that helps to bring out your imagination! You could be a pixie princess, or get that boho look and be whoever you want to be, allowing you to break away from convention and discover the world in whatever way you wish. The problem however is many of us often feel tied down to jobs, family or general day to day responsibilities, but by freeing your mind you can achieve absolutely anything! Whether you start locally and take your Gipsy Dharma’s exploring in the local woodlands, or go further afield and discover a whole new continent, your beautiful leather knee high boots will definitely make you feel great wherever you go and inspire you to push your boundaries and discover even more! So there’ll be no more slouching on the sofa on your day off, don those glorious boots and set out to explore the world.

Feeling good about yourself helps to feel more confident and assertive helping, to give you the courage to set out and see new things and meet new people, which is why Gipsy Dharma’s leather boots for women are the perfect solution to help boost your confidence and feel great wherever you go and whoever you are with. The right footwear really can transform your life, helping you reach out and do things you never thought possible! Well now you really can stop daydreaming over coffee and really start making plans. Women all over the world have bought Gipsy Dharma leather boots and shown what fun you can have, from festivals in South Africa to treks across New Zealand, you can be that person too! Gipsy Dharma boots not only make you look and feel like a brand new you, but can completely change your outlook on life, making you realise how much there is to truly discover, and suddenly you realise that the only thing holding you back from it all isn’t your life, but you…

Written by Yulia Shakutina — September 24, 2014


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