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Summer is a beautiful time of year, as wildlife is in full bloom, the days are longer and we take advantage of the glorious sunshine with trips to the beach, holidays and much more. But as autumn approaches there's no need to wave goodbye to the summer sun, as you can achieve the perfect look and feel of summer all year round. So why not let there forever be summertime with beautiful bold colours in a wide range of leather boots for women or gorgeous flowing leather skirts to reflect the magic of summertime. So don't let the darker evenings and colder days get you down, far from it! Add sparkle to your wardrobe that will make you look divine and feel full of the colours of summertime throughout the year. If you've ever wondered why you feel so much happier in the sunshine it's because it naturally enhances your mood alleviating the depressive feeling many women feel during the winter months. But the change in seasons does not mean that your summertime fun should stop or your mood should change. By continuing to feel refreshed and elated, you will see a noticeable difference in many parts of your life, from family and relationships to social settings and careers. Let some sunshine in on a rainy day, and feel truly energized and ready to take on the world!

How women feel is often reflected in their choice of clothing and footwear. Ever had that day where you slipped on some baggy pants and a top and tied up your bed head? You probably lounged around for most of the day too? Well if this made you feel off colour or a bit down, it's likely that you were lacking colour in your day! Including a splash of vibrancy in your outfit can really improve your mood. We all know how much better we feel after dressing up for a special occasion, as it's incredibly uplifting adding a sense of pride and self-confidence. So next time you're feeling a bit low, reach out for some glorious yellow or bright blue and leave those baggy pants in the drawer! You can also add some unique leather knee high boots to your footwear collection too, which will look great with many different outfits, being extremely versatile whilst brightening up your day. Who wouldn't want that? Shoes really are a girl’s best friend, and will really enhance your mood on the cloudiest of days.

Looking great really makes you feel better in many different ways. As well as feeling much more confident and ready to tackle the day ahead, it also attracts attention from others who will compliment you and further increase your feeling of self-confidence. Be inspired to try new things and explore the world in the most beautiful knee high boots for women that will help open up your mind and discover a whole new you! So whether it’s rain or shine outside, you’ll forever feel the sunshine within in your fabulous Gipsy Dharmas. There is a huge range of bespoke leather boots to choose from, and by picking bright and bold colours you can help to enhance your mood all year round, and you can create a style to suite you that compliments or even contrasts with your outfit, making you look amazing, and of course the hand-made boots from Gipsy Dharma are all designed to make you feel comfortable whilst looking fashionable and stylish. You can also team them beautifully with a leather skirt or ladies leather bolero to complete the look and let there forever be sunshine in your life!

Written by Yulia Shakutina — September 24, 2014


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