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How to measure your foot properly.

Getting the right shoe size for footwear can often be hit and miss, particularly as manufacturer’s sizing can differ slightly causing shoes or boots to be either too small or too large. If you are looking to purchase footwear online, such as Gipsy Dharma’s knee high boots then it is a good idea to calculate your foot size so you can refer to it whenever you need to order through our website. Measuring your feet is really quite easy, and all you need is a piece of paper for each foot, a pencil and ruler or tape measure.

1) Start by placing one foot firmly onto a piece of paper then trace the outline of your foot using the pencil, keeping it as upright as possible. I suggest doing these measurements in the late afternoon as your feet tend to swell slightly throughout the day. If you think you will be wearing socks with the footwear you are looking to buy then trace your foot wearing socks in order to get the best measurement, otherwise do it barefoot. It may also be a good idea to do both measurements so you have them to hand in the future depending on which type of footwear you are looking to buy.

2) Repeat for the other foot, then place both pieces of paper on a flat surface ready to measure and don’t forget to label them. You will need to now get the measurements for both the width and length of each foot. Find the outermost point of each tracing (the part which sticks out the furthest) and draw a straight line at the top, bottom and sides. Then use your ruler or tape measure to measure the exact distance between the top and bottom line, then the sides – ensuring you right down your measurements on the paper.

3) Be as precise as you can, avoiding rounding up or down. Once you have all of the sizes, you may notice one foot is slightly wider or longer than the other which is completely normal. When it comes to choosing your shoe size, you will need to refer to the larger of the two measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

4) Once you have the size for both the length and width of your feet, you can then look to convert them to UK, US or EU sizing in order to get the right size for ordering from Gipsy Dharma by marking the sizes on your paper. You can then refer to your new sizing when ordering any footwear online but be sure to check with the manufacturers sizing advice also, as some may advise you to purchase a size smaller or larger than your normal shoe size.

Following this guide to measuring your feet will ensure that your new Gipsy Dharma’s fit perfectly, taking care of your feet and providing optimum comfort. :)

How to pick your size.

Once you have chosen which pair of boots you would like to purchase from Gipsy Dharma, you will need to make sure you pick the right size. If you haven’t already, the first thing you should do is follow the guide on measuring your feet. Once you have done this, you should have a good idea of what your measurements are for the length and width of your feet.

All of Gipsy Dharma’s boots are handmade, but due to the type of leather we use to create your boots we advise that you choose one size larger when ordering. In most cases this ensures your new boots fit perfectly and the leather can begin to mould to your individual shape. My advice is based on past experience with returns and exchanges. Almost all returns I receive are because people find their boots too small and not the other way around.

We always try and make sure our ladies footwear fits well, so it is important that you follow our size guide as closely as possible. You also need to figure out whether you are likely to wear socks with your Gipsy Dharma’s or not as this could significantly affect the size of the boots needed. So make sure you measure your feet with socks on as well, if you intend to wear socks with your boots.

How to pick the best colour & boot length that suits you.

With so many colours to choose from when it comes to picking your Gipsy Dharma boots, it can be hard to decide which colour would suite you best. We want you to be super happy with your choice, so follow a few tips below to make sure you are happy with the colour you choose.

1) Start by asking yourself why you are purchasing your Gipsy Dharma’s – Is it for a special event? If so, what colour is your outfit and do you want your boots to compliment the colours within that? Or perhaps just to add some colour to your wardrobe? So ask yourself what your favourite colours are? If you’re still struggling to find a matching colour for a specific outfit, please send me an email with a photo of you in that outfit and I will do my best to assist! ;)

2) All of our coloured boots will look great with many different outfits, but if you are looking for something that will go with more of the type of clothes you wear, take a look at your wardrobe and work out what colours you tend to wear most. Do you wear more reds or greens? Or maybe neutral colours like blacks and browns?

3) If you wear a particular colour most of the time, then find a colour that compliments that colour best, or a neutral colour such as a chocolate brown may work best if you tend to wear bold colours more. Alternatively a bolder colour would work well to brighten up a more neutral wardrobe.

4) Now when it comes to choosing the length of your boots, our knee length boots are most popular due to their unique style, but you may wish to opt for ankle length or even over knee length instead. Consider what you plan to wear them with, whether you tend to wear skirts, trousers or leggings more often. Knee length boots would work well with most skirts and leggings whereas ankle length may be a better choice if you wear trousers a lot but would still look stunning if you wore a skirt occasionally. Ultimately we want you to be completely happy with your purchase, but try and follow our guidelines the best that you can to help pick the best colour, length and size to suit you.

How to care for your Gipsy Dharma boots.

Leather is one of the oldest used materials for ladies fashion with everything from handbags and purses to boots being made using it. At its best, leather can look sexy and fabulous, and providing you look after your Gipsy Dharma’s, they will continue to look stunning for longer. Due to the delicate nature of your Gipsy Dharma boots, it is really important that you care for them in the best way to ensure they last longer and continue to care for your feet as long as possible. Not all leather boots are made using the same type of leather, some are more durable than others, and it is important to note that to achieve the unique design of your knee high boots, I use relatively delicate leather which offers a more feminine beautiful look, so please don’t expect them to be a durable as motorbike boots as they are two different products with different purpose!

1) To keep them supple, flexible and looking great it is a good idea to treat them with some leather conditioner or water repellent which can help keep them in good condition if you happen to get caught in bad weather.

2) Avoid deliberately going out in wet or muddy weather. If they do get wet or dirty, lightly sponge them down and leave them to dry naturally. Do not put them in a washing machine or dryer!

3) Finally be careful when taking them on or off due to their delicate nature. Avoid pulling the laces too much or they may snap. Once you have adjusted the laces to suit your shape you should find you can take them on and off fairly easily using the zip fastening on the inside. Remember to be gentle with your Gipsy Dharma’s! :)

Any boots you wear will eventually deteriorate, and these boots are particularly delicate but the more you care for your Gipsy Dharma’s the longer they will stay looking fabulous.

How to prolong the lifespan of your Gipsy Dharma footwear.

Once you have purchased your beautiful Gipsy Dharma boots, it is really important to look after them in order to prolong their lifespan and keep them looking great in seasons to come. Even in dry weather, it is a good idea to care for your leather boots properly, as the leather is quite delicate, but it is particularly important in the winter season due to the increase of salt and grit on the roads which can easily cause your boots to become misshaped, brittle or discoloured.

1) Make sure you clean your boots regularly using a soft brush to gently wipe away any dirt or debris.

2) If your boots get wet or feel damp, do not leave them in front of a fire or heater, rather allow them to dry out at room temperature as prolonged heat can cause irreparable damage to the leather.

3) A good leather cleaner is a good tool to have for any stubborn marks and most cleaners should also condition your boots to but check before using it.

4) Condition your Gipsy Dharma’s in all seasons, which will help to keep the leather material supple and durable as well as looking good. It will also help to repel water too, reducing the risk of water damage to your boots.

5) Ensure you clean and condition your leather boots regularly and this will help to prolong the lifespan of them, so you can enjoy them for much longer.

How to adjust our lacing system for the first time.

When you receive your boots and go to try them on for the first time, the laces may seem a little complicated and overwhelming but it really is a simple process, and once you have done it the first time you should only need to tighten them occasionally as they naturally loosen.

1) Firstly you need to loosen all of the laces, preferably from top to bottom, but please do not unlace them completely as it will be an unnecessary hassle to lace them back afterwards. Make sure you do that for all three sides of each boot.

2) Carefully slide your foot into each boot – remember the leather I use is rather delicate and will need some getting used to for the first few uses.

3) Now begin tightening the laces but this time from the bottom to the top and do it for each side as equally as possible. It seems better to tighten part way on each side then carry on going round so one side isn’t tighter than the other. Do not pull too hard on your laces. They are new and very delicate and may easily snap if you pull too hard, however should this happen you can tie the pieces together which won’t deter from the raw unique look.

4) Have a play around with them, by fastening the laces all the way or let them hang to see which style suits you best. Once you have adjusted each boot, you should be able to unfasten the inside zip and sip them on and off when needed.

5) Now have a walk and a dance in them and notice how comfortable and natural they feel. After a couple of uses, you may feel the need to tighten them a little which is completely natural as the leather relaxes.  Go back to the previous step and adjust them from the bottom to the top as gently as possible.


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