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Below is a list of all the previous winners of Gipsy Dharma giveaways.

To find out more about my previous giveaways, simply scroll down the timeline of my Facebook page to find all the relevant posts, not a single one is ever deleted to make the giveaways 110% transparent. To see more photos of the winners of my giveaways you can always visit my Pinterest page and check out my News section. I do not link directly to winners' profiles on my website due to privacy concerns. Two of the winners are yet to claim their prize, but I will not be saying which ones to avoid any potential fraudulent claims.

1) Janey Furschterlich (Germany) 2) Martina Swissdreads Betschart (Switzerland) 3) Margarete Keulen (Germany) 4) Milly Jane (Australia) 5) Amanda Ozaki (Japan) 6) Dominique D'mure (USA) 7) Giulia Monte (UK) 8) Maki Rolle - Meowki (USA) 9) Annika Pam Bergkvist (Sweden) 10) Donna Stevens (USA) 11) Angel Puryear (USA) 12) Vicki Hughes (UK) 13) Romina Gardella (Australia) 14) Krissy Ross (USA) 15) Michelle Peereboom Sollano (Netherlands) 16) Louise Andrews (UK) 17) Angelique Kitsopoulou (South Africa) 18) Rhonda Labonte (USA) 19) Sabrina Schnitzer (Austria) 20) Michelle Sandmann Colin (USA) 21) Dawnaleen Wass (Canada) 22) Diana Meireles (Portugal) 23) Jessica Philpott (Canada) 24) Andrea Finnerty Carscallen (USA) 25) Kelly Kaya (USA) 26) John Owens (USA) 27) Donna Lutner (USA) 28) Lina Tanssiva Aurinkotuuli (Finland) 29) Nancy Miller (USA)  30) Ángela María Paz  (Colombia) 31) Bonnie McCaffery (USA) 32) Ariel Nicole Holton (USA) 33) Jakki Dodds (Australia) 34) Sheryl Duran (USA) 35) Anna Petterle (Italy) 36) Kerstin Baramsky (Germany) 37) Ganesha Torres (Jenessa) (USA) 38) Aimee Elliott (USA) 39) Jessica Rössler (Germany) 40) Desiree Brunner (USA) 41) Renae Ringin (USA) 42) Emily Cooke (Canada) 43) Bonnie Starr (USA) 44) Ashley Kelley Marley (USA) 45) GD 2nd Birthday SPECIAL - 4 WINNERS: Stephany Lynn / Tiffany Spencer / Finnlee Elizabeth / Dakima Kimababy Jones 46) Brittany Hogan (USA) 47) Another GD SPECIAL GIVEAWAY - 4 WINNERS: Jodie Webb (USA) / Lina Alinauskaite (Lithuania) / Nickey Wylie McEwen (USA) / Ashley Elizabeth Craig (USA) 48) Ana Rivera (Puerto Rico) 49) Janey Merfaerie (USA??) 50) Crystal Mollica 51) Madyson Jane Fannin (USA) 52) GD Christmas SPECIAL - 5 WINNERS: Clarissa Marie Russell / Melissa Wilcock / Deb Bie / Aurore Ananda Gaudin / Nat Ralph. 53) Gipsy Dharma's SPECIAL - 11 WINNERS: Alexis Gordon, Lisa Bollinger Springer, Taylor Marie Milton, Enairam Johansson, Kathryn Peulicke, Autumn Hana, Hayley Jude, Nicole Rose, Tori Ciardiello, Jelena Mitrovic, Robyn Van Norman. 54) Gipsy Dharma's SPECIAL - 20 WINNERS: Melissa Speakman, Leonessa Indomita, Sabrina Helton, Debbie Mount Coberly, Raelle Edgecombe, Melanie Bentley, Julia Lieb Geist, Lotte Edraithes, Enairam Johansson, Cynthia Mcneal, Shannon Greenelsh, Singing Bird, Elies Christine Adams, Any Gusmão, David John Wilks, Heather Needham, Virginie Silmarien, Sherri Ez Stockbridge, Tammy Marie Catoe, Corie Long

55) Kayla Smith, Beverly Lublow, Susanna Luicadi, Tiffany Te Beest-Webster, Aarone Mawdsley, Ambo Marie, Angel Denise Parsons, Melodie Fleury, Esther Demming, Leigha Dee, Seli Maier, Tia Delao, Kellie-Ann Beddoes, Melissa Semler, KyttenMoon Cosplay, Anis Pulkkinen, Lucy Morales, Eleanor McCarthy, Sarah Cartwright, Sarah Cook.

56) (100USD each) Sunshine Grama, Miia Kleemola, Cindy Sterrenberg, Vicki Nordyke Broset, Sandy Dickerson, Testi Brienza Ines, Sarah Michelle Peek, Dannielle Kirkpatrick, Jennifer Dunn,
Amy Hoffman, Mindy Bund, Victoria Lund, Anastasia Waco, Catalina Riquel De Luna,
Amanda Friborg Dammann, Rebecca Gulsby, Krista Anne, Marie-Line BiBi Mongeon,
Myriam France Leger, Amanda Perego


57) is Elisa Nixon from Alberta, Canada

58) Christmas Giveaway winners (100USD gift cards each): Renee Perlic,
Iza Mikulicz,
Davon Herbert,
Vanessa A Alexandra,
Elisa Dollstea,
Tamara Ours Engelhardt,
Jenn Buddy,
Debz Mercer,
Carol Hayes,
Toni DeFore Zajicek


59) January 2017 Giveaway

Ragan Latham,

Jennifer Lee Powers,

Laura Austen,
Ayna Geaman,
DebsHere Blog,
Emma Louise Shillingford,
Jennifer Libertine,
Debbie Shinn,
Kayla Birgitta Hellstrom,
Adrienne S Santana
60) February 2017 Giveaway winners (100USD gift cards)
The winners of February giveaway are:

Mette Torp,
Effie Hemphill,
Gloria Mohnblume,
Sara Dawn Palmer,
Mealz King,
Angela Tubman,
Kati Stanley,
Phoenix Performance Art & Modeling,
Sherrie Alessi,
Andrea Scobey,
Paige Jöhñśöň,
Logan Rae Burroughs,
Odette Du Preez,
Amber Davis,
RaynBonnie Quinlan,
Rickelle Josette Turner,
Anylia E. Slater,
John Freur,
Evita Roby,
Desiree Alivia Rodge
61) First Week of March winners (100USD gift card each)
Peta Goodsir
Jenny E. Meyer
Catherine Currie
Samantha Rosales
Jasmine Burgess
Wolfington Kassack
Tara Baley
Esther Dem
Mooni Ash
Carona Miller
62) March 19th 2017 giveaway 10 winners (£80 or $100 each)

Linda Bright Honeycutt,
Leanda May Wells Davis,
Erika Ivanoff,
Alan Barrett,
Kristy Gorr,
Danielle Buuts,
Andrea Levens,
Loretta Harper,
Alex Sinclair,
Dasha Volkova
63) 26.03.2017, 10 winners (£80 or $100 each)
Lea Miller,
Gemma V Hawkins,
Autumn Renee,
Za LeClair,
Amanda Jean,
Katrina Gauld
Jen Zaragoza,
Michele Johnston,
Morgan Lee Knudsen,
Kim Hannah Goodman
64) Apologies for the delay. 10 winners of the last week giveaway (04.04.17) are:

Meghan McNulty, 
Licia Moffett,
Lori Hodgson
shell silla,
Megan Hogan,
Christine Eber,
Luisa Frei,
Richelle Wolff McComas,
Jessica Knight,
Andrea Lorinczy

Each winner gets 100$ USD gift card, please get in touch with us via FB message.

My Special Giveaway winners: 24.10.14 - Black Boots: Kolet von Curio (UK) 16.11.14 - Tan Boots: Ole Jorgen Rodar (Norway) 07.12.14 - Madagascar Chocolate Boots: Gaelle Van Hecke (Belgium) 09.02.14 - Red Knee Length Boots for Valentines: Jess Leimpossible (USA) 10.02.16 - Valentine's special: Maria Berzins (Latvia)

Valentines 2017 Special:

Also, here is a list of answers to all the Frequently Asked Questions relating to my giveaways:

1) There is the initial post, a few reminders throughout the week period to accommodate all time zones as well as the fact that only about 20% of my fans are online at any given moment. And the final post, which announces the winner. Only one entry is required per giveaway. If you don't see the announcement of the winner in your news feed , just visit my Facebook page right before you go to bed and the most recent post will always be the one with the announcement. :) 

The winner is always chosen at random and I take this very seriously for my own peace of mind. I will repeat this time and time again, we do not hand pick the winners! It would be both immoral and very risky, because people are bound to find out one way or another. I know that no matter how many times I say this, there is still going to be someone saying: “Random, yeah right.” Well trust me, running these giveaways and finding out who the winner is going to be is just as exciting for me as it is for all of you! :) I get an amazing PR boost from these giveaways, which allows me to keep creating art, so in return I am more than happy to give away a free pair of boots to a complete stranger every two weeks!! :)

So no need to contact me explaining why you or someone else "deserves" a pair more than others and likewise there is no need to do this in the Facebook post comments, as this will not increase the chances even slightly! And just to give you an example, even those rare and silly comments saying something like "your boots suck and this giveaway is a scam" get an equal entry point in the giveaway. ;)

2) There really are no strings attached. You will not be asked to do anything if you win other than to provide your colour/type preference and size. Your chosen boots will be delivered to your doorstep a.s.a.p. They will usually be shipped in the next couple of days (subject to availability of your chosen colour).

3) Since I’m always low on stock, the winner will only be able to select from the items that are currently listed as available on the website. Luckily, I always have quite a few colors to choose from :)


4) And yes the postage will be covered by me, no matter where you live! :) It would really be unfair for the winner to be unexpectedly smacked with a delivery bill. These costs vary and could run up to $50 depending on the destination, so I decided that if I were to really make the winner super happy I would need to cover this expense. :)

5) Since I consistently have to prove to people that I am indeed running a completely legit giveaway, I do ask the winners to use their discretion and send me a photo or two of them wearing the boots of their choice. This is in no way mandatory, but honestly, to me this is really helpful, because it works as clear proof to other participants that this giveaway is not a somehow made up thing. I fully understand, however, that some people may not like the idea of showing off their boots to the public and I respect that.

6) Also, I’ve noticed that some companies that run giveaways trick people by giving the winner something like 24 hours to collect their prize before a re-roll. Well, I will not under any circumstances do anything of this kind. The person who won the boots will be the one to get them and I will use all means possible to notify the winner in due course. 

7) At times, it may take us a bit longer to count everyone up. This of course depends on the number of participants and general workload. I do my best, however, to prioritize this process as much as I can. Also, sometimes I realize that there are simply no more new entrants and that's when I decide to end the giveaway a bit earlier.

8) Please do not write to me asking who won such and such giveaway. All the announcements are there in my Facebook timeline. You can't miss it, just have to skim read through the posts on my page. I also try to update my news section regularly, though there is always some delay.

9) Here is how we pick the winner: First of all I copy/paste all the participants from my Facebook page into one spreadsheet, then we assign numbers from one to a couple of thousands, depending on the number of participants. Whenever additional entries are available on my website through Rafflecopter, they are always copied into the same spreadsheet. I then go online and use a random number generator to get that winning number. And that's pretty much it, but trust me it sounds a lot easier than it actually is! :) I do not use Rafflecopter to pick the winner and instead use the above mentioned old school method for two reasons: a) I can't merge the Facebook entries with Rafflecopter entries unless I export both into a separate file. b) About 20% of all Rafflecopter entries are invalid, so we have to painstakingly sift through them manually before adding them to the draw.

Gipsy Dharma's Giveaway Disclaimer:

This promotion is in NO way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Gipsy Dharma and all the participants of the said giveaway hereby release Facebook of any liability.  Information collected is NOT collected by Facebook. Information collected by Gipsy Dharma is used with strict confidentiality, is not shared with third parties and is destroyed irreversibly within a couple of days from the end of the giveaway. The winner is chosen at RANDOM within 48 hours of the end of the Giveaway, this can be delayed slightly on some occasions due to workload. All postage costs are covered by Gipsy Dharma no matter where the winner resides. There are no age/gender or residency restrictions from our end. The participants MUST comply with their local laws & regulations to the best of their knowledge. Sharing this post on one’s timeline or one’s friends timeline does not provide additional entries and likewise isn't a prerequisite of an entry in this giveaway. (The same goes for tagging yourself or your friends in the Giveaway post)  There is no time limit for the collection of the prize and so no re-rolls.



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