Return or exchange an item - our money back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, it is possible to return the item to me in its original condition within 14 days of receipt. This condition only applies to non sale items and orders with no discount applied.  Be sure to contact me prior to sending to discuss this very briefly. Note: although some items are shipped from Bali, all returns are processed in the UK, so please make sure you send the returned items to my UK address, which is written on the box or can be given once you contact me. Items that do not look and feel absolutely like new are not eligible for return. Also please note: 1) any sale items are not refundable but can be exchanged for another size in the same colour and style or for Gipsy Dharma gift card with a value of the purchase excluding the shipping costs 2) Gipsy Dharma gift cards are non refundable due to fraud prevention.

Returned items should be unused and must be returned in original packaging with any enclosed documentation. Please enclose a small note from yourself with your name/address/order number for me to figure out where the return came from. :)

Please note:

1) Goods will only be accepted for return if they are dispatched back shortly after delivery, unless I have notified you otherwise. Special circumstances will always be taken into consideration. 

2) The item is your responsibility until it reaches me. Please always use traceable shipping services. I'm sorry, but I will not be able to take your word for it without the tracking number. If your parcel goes missing, without a tracking number, I'm afraid that I will be unable to refund/exchange, as I have to protect my interests here given all the shady stuff that takes place online.

3) The cost of returning the item back to me is your responsibility, unless the item is faulty. When free shipping is offered, it is offered one way only and only in cases where the item is kept. In cases where the item is returned for exchange or refund a handling fee of £25 will be applied to cover the initial loss in shipping costs.

4) All items that are returned as "faulty" are exchanged for the same colour and the same size to avoid intentional abuse of the items. If there are any issues with the laces upon arrival, a replacement set will be shipped out to the customer, so please don't send the boots back, instead just notify me of the issue. Also, I take a couple of photographs of every item right before it is shipped to counter any fraudulent faulty goods claims with PayPal. Note: Filing false chargebacks with the bank and/or PayPal is ILLEGAL and I always provide the local authorities with all relevant information about the offenders.

5) Delivery charges are only refundable where goods are faulty or in cases where I accidentally shipped the wrong item. Only a reasonable amount will be refunded for postage as I know the exact shipping charges for all countries. Please use the cheapest possible trackable shipping option. My FAQ clearly states that the colour of the boots will vary from batch to batch, so the fact that the colour may not be identical to the photo is not considered as a fault. Please appreciate that different length tops and little marks or tears are not faults, but rather beautiful imperfections of a hand crafted item. Misused or abused merchandise will not be accounted as defective and will not be considered for exchange or refund.

6) Additionally, it is your responsibility to cover any VAT and/or customs duties on received or returned parcels. If you are returning an item from overseas, please ensure that the postage is paid in full and the postal docket is ticked as "Returned Goods" to avoid import duty levy from HM Revenue and Customs, for which I will not be liable. If such costs occur, I will not be entering into disputes with HM Revenue and Customs on your behalf.

7) If you would like to exchange your pair of boots for a new pair, you would need to pay for postage again. To make it simple, I've added the option to my website. Please click on the following link.

8) And please don't get stressed, because life is too short and too beautiful to get stressed over minor issues. :) My online shop has a flawless reputation when it comes to sales/exchanges/refunds and the last thing I want is to spoil this. So I would really appreciate if all cases of returns/exchanges would take place in the most civil manner. :)

Terms and conditions:

Buying items from hand made sellers has its own inherent quirky elements attached to it and you need to be made aware of them. I do not have a call center and personally answer each and every one of your emails and messages, so there might be delays. I do not have automated shipping services, online order tracking integrated into my website and my items are not identical to each other. I do not have huge stock at my disposal or countless personnel or any machinery to make the products and the colour of the leather I use varies from batch to batch because I don't source leather from hide farms. Likewise I do not have the make more/sell more mentality.

What I do provide is uniqueness, boldness, attention to detail and very own uninhibited personality of every item sold, which are guaranteed to make people turn heads on the street. So if you are looking for a capitalism-induced multinational retail store shopping experience, handmade may not be the way to go. But if you are looking for something truly unique, something that will immediately make you the center of attention no matter where you go and are willing to make compromises knowing all the above, then you must be a true gipsy at heart. ;)

Whilst I try and ensure that all details and descriptions which appear on my website are accurate, errors may occur. My website may contain typographical errors or other errors or inaccuracies and may not be complete or current. So when I say that my boots will make you dance the night away like a fairy princess, please don’t take it literally. :) All prices listed are accurate to the best of my ability. In the very rare cases, when the item is miss listed, I reserve the right to to cancel the order and provide a full refund to the customer.

In order to contract with Gipsy Dharma you must be over 18 years of age and possess a valid PayPal account and/or credit or debit card issued by a bank acceptable to PayPal.

When placing an order you undertake that all details you provide to me are true and accurate and that you are authorized to make the payment from the card/account at issue and that you have sufficient funds to cover the payment. I do not accept claims from distressed husbands or parents who have just seen their bank statements, thank you. :) Likewise, if you input an incorrect address during checkout, your parcel could get lost. And if you input an incorrect e-mail address, your order/shipping confirmation or any questions from me will not reach you. So please double check all the details before making the payment. The couriers I use (DHL/UPS) will not ship your parcel until you provide a daytime phone number for them to call on in case they need to contact you directly. So not providing your phone number at checkout will cause delays.

Dispatch times may vary according to availability and any guarantees or representations made as to delivery times are subject to any delays resulting from postal delays or force majeure for which I will not be responsible. You are free to ask for a full refund at any time before your item is shipped to you.

Under the terms of this contract the goods legally pass on to the end consumer on the day the order is placed. Gipsy Dharma Limited will not be responsible to pay any local customs duties, VAT or any other charges/taxes upon receipt of the goods by the consumer. Gipsy Dharma Limited will not be held accountable for any delays due to customs procedures. Shipping charges will be billed again in case the parcel remains unclaimed for whatever reason and needs to return back to me. Please be aware that choosing to not pay your local import duties and instead sending the item back to me may in some cases be a more costly option due to shipping charges being billed twice.

I have a zero tolerance policy on any fraudulent transactions or dishonest missing items claims, bad review discount extortions, intentionally abused merchandise claims and so on, such claims will immediately be reported to PayPal with whom I have a flawless seller's history and in more severe cases to relevant law enforcement authorities with a full disclosure of the claimant's identity to them. I reserve the right to cancel any order if we're unable to authorize or authenticate a credit card or suspect any fraudulent intent. Also, I will fearlessly defend myself against any bad online review extortions with the use of my social media accounts with hundreds of thousands of fans as well as through well known friendly bloggers with the dishonest extortionist's identity revealed for the search engines to pick up within hours.

All sales of my items are made exclusively through this website and my official Facebook page. Anyone else selling Gipsy Dharma merchandise and/or services is doing so illegally and without my consent. Gipsy Dharma Limited will not be held accountable for any loss and will not be entering into any disputes which may arise when our goods or services were purchased through third parties. If you are buying goods and services from someone else, you are NOT contracting with Gipsy Dharma Limited, you are contracting with that person/company.

Very important: Please DO NOT buy Gipsy Dharma gift cards from anyone or anywhere, but this website. Any website or person that claims to represent Gipsy Dharma and offers you a gift card voucher is most likely committing fraud. Re-selling gift cards and buying gift cards from third parties is strictly prohibited in order to prevent fraud. For the very same reasons, Gipsy Dharma gift cards are non refundable. When purchasing a gift card, please be sure to provide the full name of the person/persons who will be using the gift card.

Please keep your gift cards safe and secure as I do not accept claims of any stolen gift cards. Since all gift cards are delivered via email, any theft is categorized as cyber crime. This is a very serious offence and must be reported to your local law enforcement.

All transactions submitted to us are encrypted with 128 SSL security and cannot be intercepted by third parties.

If the customer isn't happy with their purchase, which is perfectly normal as we all have our very own unique expectations from everything in life, I would much rather prefer that they send it back to me, so that my work could find a good home and its super happy karmic owner. I will not be giving any discounts to anyone under any circumstances, so returning the item for a full refund is the only option.



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