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It always feels great when you spend time getting ready for a night out or special occasion, then step out feeling fantastic. You probably get lots of wonderful comments and perhaps even the odd whistle and men staring at how beautiful you look! So why just stick to nights out and the odd wedding when you can look and feel fantastic every day! Making random stranger’s turn heads on the street feels good and there’s no denying it. By choosing the right clothing or style you can create that effect all the time – whether you are just going to the office or going out on a day trip. And it really doesn’t have to take hours to achieve the perfect look. Just a few key items in your wardrobe can make you feel fabulous and completely transform your look.

What you wear also has a huge impact on how you feel, consequently affecting the rest of your day and even many areas of your life. If you give off positive vibes and appear happy and confidence then you are much more likely to deal with things more effectively, not let things get you down and generally attract positive people and positive experiences. So what are you waiting for? Make that change today and you could really begin to see and feel the difference. It is well known that dressing well and looking confident and beautiful can alleviate depression and anxiousness and in turn allow you to tackle many day to day problems proactively and effectively.

Take a look at your wardrobe and think about the colours, the styles and variety of clothes and footwear you have. Most women tend to shop on the high street, following seasonal fashions and choosing clothes that are mass produced but bland and boring. So you end up with a selection of dark colours, boring styles and only the odd t-shirt or accessories to brighten up your outfit. And none of this is likely to reflect your outgoing personality deep down or inspire you in any way whatsoever. By choosing alternative clothes that are bright and bold, you can stand out from the crown, turn heads and feel absolutely fantastic! You will also find your confidence is improved and you become more assertive and inspired to be much more creative. The right clothing and footwear really can make a difference, and completely transform your feelings, your overall well-being and general health and state of mind. Your newfound achievements of positivity can then be applied to areas of your life such as work, career progression, education, family and social life as well as enhancing your aspirations to achieve more.

Bespoke clothing from Gipsy Dharma helps you to achieve that. With a huge range of colours and styles to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice but instantly feel inspired, opening your mind, your outlook and encouraging you to be more creative in every area of your life – not just your style. Specialising in leather clothing and footwear, Gipsy Dharma’s products are an alternative style whilst looking great paired with an everyday t-shirt or leggings. Their knee high leather boots for women are a perfect example of something which can transform an entire look and turn heads on the high street or in the workplace. Or dress them up with a beautiful gipsy style leather skirt or look delicious in an evening dress. You don’t need to completely change your wardrobe, simply add a few interesting and unique items to your clothing and footwear range and you will instantly see and feel the difference it can make to your life. 

Written by Yulia Shakutina — August 02, 2014


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