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It’s a well-known fact, that most women love shoes and enjoy spending time choosing a new pair quite often. Heels are incredibly popular for women, especially for nights out or special occasions. A nice ladies pair of heels helps women feel sexy and fabulous no matter what they wear them with, but unfortunately heels can often be uncomfortable after a short time and aren’t good for your body. A badly fitted shoe or pair of heels can put stress on the feet, the ankle, knee joint and hips and cause bad back pain and aching.

Unfortunately it can be very difficult to find stylish footwear that also provides comfort and protection for your feet. Most footwear on the high street for example is mass produced and bad quality at high prices, but with very little option elsewhere many women feel they have no choice but to shop in many high street store for their footwear. Stylish footwear does not have to be uncomfortable or poor quality however, as there are many options available that look fabulous while protecting your feet and body from unnecessary pressure.

Hand-made leather boots created by Gipsy Dharma have been designed and made with high quality materials that give a barefoot feeling, whilst protecting your delicate feet from the harsh elements. Many shoes enclose your feet, causing sores, achiness and in some cases bunions and other problems. These bespoke leather boots allow your feet to breathe naturally and help you to feel free and in touch with nature.

Walking barefoot is extremely good for the mind as well as the body. It helps you to feel closer to the natural environment, strengthens your feet and makes you feel wild and free. Imagine how wonderful it is to feel the sand between your toes or soft grass beneath your feet. That feeling helps you to relax, and free your mind increasing the feeling of positivity, empowerment and your general well-being. There are also many key nerves and areas of the foot which are connected to corresponding parts of the body and when stimulated can help you to feel healthier and generally god about yourself. This practice of reflexology has been carried out for hundreds of years and is practiced even more in the western world today.

The beautiful leather knee high boots and other hand-made footwear created by Gipsy Dharma combine this alternative technique and feeling of being free with fabulous unique style that reflects the personalities of women worldwide. Wearing boots that give you this liberating barefoot feeling, inspire you to explore the world and the natural environment within it. You suddenly begin to see and feel nature in a whole new way, which helps to open your mind and give you a whole new outlook on life. This then helps to change many other areas of your life, as it helps you to look upon normal day to day tasks in a new light. The barefoot feeling of footwear not only makes you feel in touch with nature, but also makes you appreciate the importance of the world giving you a different perspective on life, particularly material possessions which have become accustomed to in our busy lives.

Footwear like the beautifully hand-made knee high leather boots from Gipsy Dharma help you to achieve that greater state of mind and sense of freedom. Once you experience that barefoot feeling you won’t want to look back, and whats more these boots retain the fabulous stylish look that many women strive to achieve, so you will look and feel great on any outing whether you wear them for special occasions or general day to day use.

Written by Yulia Shakutina — August 02, 2014


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