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Every woman loves to go clothes shopping or shoes shopping from time to time, and many people make a whole day of it while our partners keep clear! There’s nothing better than trying on different clothing and choosing a new outfit – particularly for a special occasion like a wedding or christening, or even a night out. However, for many women, there tends to be a pattern of colours and styles that are chosen and that fill our many wardrobes. No matter what the high street offers or the new season’s fashion has in store, most people tend to pick earthy or dark colours when it comes to clothing and footwear. It seems to be something which most women find more comfortable and end up rarely choosing bright colours or unique styles.

There are many reasons why women often choose earthy or natural colours, but there are also many reasons why you should avoid these and try new brighter and bolder colours. Earthy colours tend to be safe, so they will often go with most other choices of clothing whether it be a pair of boots, heels or a skirt for example. People seem to think that darker colours are more flattering, largely due to magazines and other media influences. And because most women wear the same dull, earthy colours, people then feel that they fit in with the crowd as they may not have the confidence to stand out.

It becomes a vicious circle however, as people wear these drab colours feeling like they just want to blend into the crowd due to a lack of confidence, but wearing brighter coloured clothing and bolder styles can in fact boost your confidence enormously and help you feel empowered and more assertive. Everybody should encourage ourselves to pick more colourful clothing for a change as it will brighten up your life and everything in it. When you wear brighter more daring colours and styles you are likely to feel more elated and better in yourself. You will brighten up any room and feel fantastic as you turn heads wherever you go.

So consider unique clothing like Gipsy Dharma’s extensive range of hand-made leather footwear and clothing for women. It is both high quality and super stylish aimed at inspiring you and making you feel special. The unique design is also incredibly popular with women all over, as it oozes individuality and style, encouraging women to explore nature, be more create and open their mind to everything around them. Whether you choose a pair of beautiful knee high boots or a gorgeous leather gipsy skirt, the whole range is available in a plethora of startling colours so you can choose something perfect for you. Whether you have dreamt of bright yellows or deep purples or are looking for amethyst green to match your beautiful eyes, there really is something for everyone.

If you consider most material possessions in our life or homes, brighter colours are always much more attractive and are more likely to make someone smile – the same applies to our clothing. Brighter colours are more attractive and beautiful and help you to bring sunshine in your life and feel great about yourself. That positivity will also have an effect on everyone and everything around you, completely transforming your life. So why not give it a try and next time you are choosing a new outfit or new footwear, try something bold and daring and see how beautiful you look and how wonderful and uplifting you feel.

Written by Yulia Shakutina — August 02, 2014


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