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Many people are influenced by current leading fashion trends, but with so many bits of advice and things to choose from it can be hard to know what types of clothing or footwear to choose. Articles often compare figures, shapes and sizes and advise on the most appropriate style of clothing; necklines, waistlines and goodness knows what else. And of course companies are constantly advertising the new season's trend of colors, styles and accessories doing whatever they can to intice you the consumer to purchase their stock. The problem is though, not everybody wants to conform, not everyone wants to follow the trends and look like a variation of the girl next door.

In most cases, the media influence people to follow mainstream fashion, and make people believe that that is how you must look. However you should be able to rebel! And go against the grain! The question is, how do you create a unique look that suits you, without feeling out of place and in fear of lacking confidence? With so much emphasis on looking good, it can be hard to imagine how you could go against all the mainstream fashion trends without getting some stick but you'll be very surprised...

In many cases people envy those that have the confidence to stand out from the crowd and go against the norm, so be proud and use that to your advantage! Think about what makes you happy, or what you think you look your best in; it may not have even been designed yet. In fact many fashion designers have got into the business as they felt their was a gap in the market for the style of clothing or footwear that they felt suited them, so don't be fooled into thinking you shouldn't go right ahead and get experimenting. Use your imagination too! When we consider fashion, whatever types of clothing or shoes, we picture them all being pretty much the same. However if you search through many independent designers and manufactures of unique clothing and footwear, you'll be surprised to find some amazing choices. Imagine pixie boots, or leather gypsy skirts! Bring out your wild side and explore.

Fashion not only helps us to look great but also feel good. When we try on certain types of clothing or footwear our body releases hormones that give us that euphoric feeling! So why not go with your gut instinct. As well as this, most high street stores are simply churning out sub quality clothing, footwear and accessories that are factory made on a production line with absolutely no care or attention to detail. Unfortunately their number one objective is profit and not how important the right footwear or clothing is for a woman. Therefore by rebelling and going against the mainstream fashion trends, you can become much more unique and individual with the clothes you wear and the way you look and feel. You'll not only be helping others such as artisans who carefully craft these beautiful individual products but you'll also be starting a journey in your life to open your mind to lots of other ideas, gaining further inspiration and creativity along the way.

Written by Yulia Shakutina — May 21, 2014


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