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Fashion has always been something of interest to both men and women, with people scouring the shops or magazines for the latest trends. But as well as general clothing and accessories, women have been particularly crazy over shoes for many years. In fact statistics show that despite the recession, sales of footwear had in fact gone up! Perhaps it's the emotional effects of buying a new pair of shoes, but whatever the reason, it's clear that we are as obsessed with footwear as ever. A fabulous pair of footwear makes us feel incredible, whilst spicing up last season's outfit or completely transforming a look. Our obsession means that many women have a plethora of shoes and other footwear, and continue to invest in more. 

Believe it or not, when you try on a pair of shoes that make you feel good, giving you that "must buy" feeling, your body is actually releasing a hormone known as dopamine which gives you that feel good emotion just like taking a drug! Unlike other purchases where you may feel guilty after handing over your hard-earned cash, when women buys footwear they actually rationalize their purchase in their head, telling themselves they are indeed practical and necessary meaning that feel good high lasts much longer. 

Footwear does indeed enhance your mood, making you feel much better about yourself and of course that is important, but research suggests that it also stimulates the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which suggests that women consider shoes as a collector's item; therefore feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment following a purchase. This often creates an adrenaline rush, and of course every time you go to slip on that pair of shoes or boots you are re-living that same euphoric feeling. Shoes are indeed a positive investment. 

Heels are particularly great for the mind and body, as those amazing feelings are intensified when you try on a new pair or make a purchase. The height given to ladies when wearing heels is associated with power, and give a woman a feeling of elevated status because you feel so much taller when you wear them. Many years ago, only the elite classes wore heels, which was often a sign of wealth. Most other people within society such as the working class wore footwear that was practical for manual labor. 

High heels or stilettos have another elated emotion attached to them, as many women feel more sexual and foxy. When a woman wears high heels her stance changes, not necessarily as a result of the shoe itself but the instinctive position a woman makes to attract another male. Strangely, the part of the brain that deals with the feet is also situated right next to the area that communicates our sexual desires, so it is possible that our minds are tuned to associate feet with other sexual emotions. This also explains why shoes are considered erotic by so many people around the world. Whatever your individual reason, it's clear that women have perfectly sound justification for their obsession with footwear ;)

Written by Yulia Shakutina — May 21, 2014


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