Gipsy Dharma Queen

Serpent print Leather String Hand Bag and Rucksack

GiPsy Dharma

Sold out.

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Has an option to be wearable as a rucksack as well due to multifunctional handles. Size: 38x30cm.

This beautiful leather string hand bag and rucksack is perfect for any occasion. Lovingly hand made using the best quality leather, this bag is perfect for a plethora of uses; whether you are looking for something unique and stylish to hang on your arm on an evening out, or perhaps a stylish looking beach bag for your holidays, this bag is the key accessory for you. The superb design even allows you to transform it into a beautiful rucksack so you can put it on your back as you cycle through the woods or give your hands free to collect flowers and other treasures on your journey. With a spacious compartment inside, this leather hand bag has enough room to carry all of your essential items and more.

It is also available in a variety of colors, so you can coordinate it to suite your wardrobe. Perhaps you want something bright and contrasting or subtle and sweet. Either way, if you tell us your preferred color upon order, we can create the perfect leather bag for you. Be the envy of your friends with one of these fabulous leather hand bag and rucksacks, as you go out in style. Pair it with a pair of our beautiful leather knee high boots or even leather skirts and feel absolutely magical with this must have accessory. So contact us today with your choice of color and you could be the proud owner of this beautiful leather string hand bag/rucksack. 



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Unique clothing and leather boots for women. Light and flexible, like second skin. Barefoot feeling for all you dancers, fairies, pixies, gypsies and space travellers :)

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