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A photo from the winner of my 36th Giveaway

Kerstin Baramsky, the winner of Gipsy Dharma's 36th Giveaway was kind enough to send me a couple photos of wearing her boots. :) Get that dancing feet feeling with a pair of gorgeous leather boots from Gipsy Dharma.
Feel like a little pixie in our gorgeous designer ladies boots, offering fabulous comfort whilst being super cute and stylish with their pixie design, allowing you to feel great with your pixie feet! Let them take you to places far and wide, as they inspire you to travel and explore the world. Like so many of our existing customers you too could join the Gipsy Dharma community and be a part of a magical world of creativity, opening your imagination to new and wonderful things! We take pride in making women just like you to feel good both inside and out, whilst offering high quality fashionable knee length boots that keep you comfortable all night long! Take a look at our extensive catalogue where you will find a huge range of bright and beautiful colours to suite your taste.

Written by GiPsy Dharma — November 12, 2014

Some photos from the winner of Gipsy Dharma's 27th Giveaway

A great photo from the winner of Gipsy Dharma's 27th Giveaway! Thank you Donna Luther!

If you are interested about all things fashion related as well as tips on how to look and feel great then why not join our fabulous Facebook community at Gipsy Dharma. You can join the conversation with lots of like-minded women who have a passion for alternative high quality clothing and footwear. You can also get up to date information on our leather knee high boots and other leather clothing range and exclusive details about new colours and styles being added to our collection! And if that’s not enough you can also be part of our weekly giveaway so you could be in with a chance of stepping into your very own pair of Gipsy Dharma boots! Compare boots; compare fashion tips, colours, styles and much more! And we are always on hand to answer any questions relating to our fabulous footwear as well as our leather skirts, details on sizing and we are always happy to consider suggestions for new colours you’d like to see in our collection!

Written by GiPsy Dharma — November 12, 2014

More Gipsy Dharma boots and jackets in red are in stock!

'A blond in a red dress can do without introductions - but not without a bodyguard.' - Rona Jaffe

Unlike most footwear from high street stores, we offer beautiful handmade leather knee high boots that make you feel good! You’re probably wondering how a pair of boots can make you feel great about yourself, but women have now tried and tested our huge range of ladies leather boots and found themselves inspired and feeling a boost of confidence. Looking great is a part of what makes you feel good about yourself, and this is exactly what Gipsy Dharma boots do, but as well as this, they also offer you superb comfort protecting your feet from the elements with their high quality leather used to create these gorgeous boots. Their stunning design also makes them turn heads wherever you go making them the number one choice for women all over! So why not take a look at our website and see the results for yourself with testimonies and photos sent in from our customers showing just how wonderful our boots are and how great you can begin to look and feel!

Written by GiPsy Dharma — October 20, 2014

Chani PsyFairy in her Gipsy Dharma Knee Length Boots

Some beautiful photographs from one of my customers, Chani PsyFairy. Thanks very much for sending me these!

Have you ever thought about transforming your style or trying something new? Well our beautiful hand crafted leather boots by Gipsy Dharma have been created to give you an alternative look and completely transform your look and help bring out your imagination. Women all over have now experienced how much our gorgeous ladies footwear can help bring out their creativity and we have received lots of amazing pictures off customers all over the world who have expressed how much of a difference our Gipsy Dharma’s have made to their life. They have given them the imagination to do more with their life by inspiring their creativity, as well as improving their overall confidence. SO we just wanted to share with you the incredible feedback we have had and hope that we continue to help improve women’s fashion and well-being with our huge collection of handmade quality knee length leather boots. We will also be continuing to add new colours and styles to our collection so keep an eye out for much more!

Written by GiPsy Dharma — October 20, 2014

A really great photo from Val.

A beautiful photo from Val, showing off her Gipsy Dharmas! Many thanks to all my customers for sending me their photos!

We are so pleased to have had such positive feedback from all corners of the globe, from women who have experienced the wonder of our beautiful knee high leather boots from Gipsy Dharma. Women just like you, have been searching for something unique and we have listened! now offering ladies leather footwear and clothing in an array of gorgeous colours and designs. We are passionate about making women feel great in what they choose to wear, and are happy knowing that we have achieved just that! Our boots offer an alternative boho style, allowing you to achieve your very own individual look whether that’s a cute pixie style or freeing your mind in our stunning gipsy collection. And of course as well as being fashionable and turning heads on the high street, you’ll also be comfortable wherever you go with our high quality leather design. Take a look at our catalogue now to see our extensive collection of beautiful colours and designs.

Written by GiPsy Dharma — October 20, 2014

More beautiful photos from Gipsy Dharma customers!

Just wanted to share this beautiful photograph with all of you! :)

If you are looking for a gift with a difference, then why not consider some beautiful knee high boots from Gipsy Dharma. Whether it is a birthday, Christmas or perhaps a wedding present, they are sure to love these hand crafted leather boots for women with their unique boho style and superb comfort for everyday wear. Many women are choosing these beautiful boots as an alternative gift for their loved ones, helping others to be truly inspired into exploring the world or simply making them feel great about themselves. Gipsy Dharma’s do much more than simply provide great fashionable footwear, but also help to boost confidence and bring out your imagination. So why not opt for something a little different and choose a pair of gorgeous knee length boots today and give the gift of love and passion. Coming in a huge range of sizes, colours and styles you are certain to find something perfect for that special someone.

Written by GiPsy Dharma — October 20, 2014

Another great photo from Alexandria the Red wearing her Gipsy Dharma's

Another really great photo from Alexandria the Red.

Unlike most traditional styles of dress for your wedding day, many women are now turning to more alternative forms of footwear and clothing in order to express their individual style. From gorgeous pixie boots to unique leather skirts, many of our fabulous customers have purchased our Gipsy Dharma’s in a range of colours. To make an impression on their wedding day and make it a day to remember. Our knee high leather boots allow you to express yourself in a whole new way, whilst still remaining incredibly beautiful and stylish and providing comfort for you throughout your day. Check out the many stunning photos ladies have sent in showing how gorgeous their knee length boots look on their wedding day and get some inspiration to choose your very own! All of our boots are designed and hand crafted with enormous passion to inspire and evoke your imagination into experiencing truly amazing things.

Written by GiPsy Dharma — October 09, 2014

Beautiful Sue wearing her Gipsy Dharma's


I would like to share these beautiful pictures of Sue dressed up in Gipsy Dharma attire from tip to toe. :)

Many of you will be getting ready for the party season, and searching for inspiration for outfits and much more! Well we have the answer for you with our huge range of gorgeous knee high leather boots and leather bolero jackets for those cooler winter evenings. Our collections are available in a range of sizes and colours so you can find something that perfectly suites your outfit, or why not find inspiration from our beautiful range. Many women have now experienced the wonder of Gipsy Dharma’s, partying all over the world at festivals and other events. Our knee length leather boots are perfect for partying in, helping you look great and feel fabulous in pure comfort and style. Check out the website for lots of exclusive information on hints and tips for your style this season along with ideas for colours and designs to complete your beautiful boho or pixie look.

Written by GiPsy Dharma — October 09, 2014

Shannon McDonald showing off her Gipsy Dharma boots.

Beautiful Shannon McDonald and her Gipsy Dharma's on a little adventure in the woods

P.S. Lots of photos from Gipsy Dharma customers and the winners of my giveaways are featured right here:

We are also pleased to announce that our beautiful range of leather clothing and footwear for women has now been shipped in a number of countries throughout the world, from Europe to South Africa and the US to New Zealand. It is great to see popularity of our gorgeous range growing so quickly. We have now been mentioned in various blogs, e-zines and websites with positive feedback on our range all round. Our beautiful handmade leather boots are becoming popular all over the world due to their unique design, high quality and superb comfort. You can now follow the Gipsy Dharma community online and be part of a group of like-minded ladies who love designer footwear and clothing with a difference. By joining our online community you can also get lots of information and tips regarding fashion, beauty and health on our blog too as we are hugely passionate about the well-being of our customers as well providing a fabulous range of leather footwear just for you.

Written by GiPsy Dharma — October 09, 2014

The winner of Gipsy Dharma's 30th Giveaway

Just sharing some photos with you from the winner of Gipsy Dharma's 30th giveaway, Ángela María Paz. Thank you very much for sending me your photos Ángela!

It’s surprising how much your style can improve your day, making you feel more confident and better able to deal with everything from careers and relationships to family and social life. Lots of women have already purchased their very own pair of Gipsy Dharma leather boots and seen how they have felt happier and inspired to venture out and experience more. We have received lots of wonderful pictures showing many of you wearing your Gipsy Dharma’s looking amazing. It really is great to see how wonderful they look, so keep all your pictures and lovely comments coming in! You can also get exclusive information on new colours and designs being added to our collections, for the beautiful leather skirts as well as the huge range of leather knee high boots. So don’t delay! Get your hands on a stunning pair of Gipsy Dharma’s today and see how it can completely transform your day!

Written by GiPsy Dharma — October 04, 2014


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